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The Summer Avocado NOW IN PEAK SEASON SUPERFOOD NUTRITION FOUNDED IN NYC • 1897 Vol. 119, No. 15 July 25-August 8, 2016 VISIT WWW.THEPRODUCENEWS.COM FOR THE LATEST INDUSTRY UPDATES PMA FOODSERVICE CONFERENCE Companies gear up for the 2016 PMA Foodser- vice Conference & Expo. PAGE 27 STARS & STRIPES at AIFD PORTS OF THE DELAWARE RIVER Services continue to grow at the ports of the Delaware River. PAGE 56 CALIFORNIA GRAPES Total California table grape deal could once again break a record this year. PAGE 77 Balloon artist Peggy Williams and floral designer Robert DeBellis created a large- scale American flag made of balloons for the American Institute of Floral Design Symposium in Orange County, CA. See story on page 104. IN THE TRENCHES In The Trenches columnist Ron Pelger says retailers must be diligent to minimize out-of- stocks, which can undermine a store’s bot- tom line. PAGE 16 GOURMET SPECIALTIES & ORGANIC PRODUCE Industry recognizes im- portance of growing spe- cialty sector. PAGE 89 To view video from the Organic Produce Summit, log on to SIGHTINGS Organic Produce Summit draws enthusiastic crowd, Pages 20-25 FPFC holds Southern California Expo, Pages 74-75 FLORAL MARKETING Trade show coverage; re- membering a floral mar- keting pioneer. PAGE 94 20-25 74-75 Celebrating 25 Years and Still Growing Strong