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APRIL 4-18, 2016 | THE PRODUCE NEWS 73 MARKETING Covering Floral Mass Marketing in Supermarkets Irises are at their peak in spring. With jewel tones and an elegant shape, they are in con- siderable demand as cut flowers. These iris were grown by Mellano & Co. in California. FLORAL F O CU S BY RICHARD LUTES Spring holidays, caffeine and a new look Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day and Easter are all behind us and we’re rapidly heading into Passover, Administrative Professionals Week, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Have you needed to boost your caffeine intake during this spring floral holiday marathon or do you have healthier ways to increase your stamina? I’ve recently returned from the World Floral Expo in Los Angeles and in this edition I provide on-the-scene coverage of that truly international event. Also, we recap some industry Women’s Day celebrations; Nick Fronduto discusses Mother’s Day hardgoods trends; Elissa Mast writes about Mother’s Day balloon merchandising; Karli Nelson and Denise McPart- land offer tips for increasing Mother’s Day sales; and we have a report on the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation’s tradition of honoring our fallen military. Because we have officially entered spring (although you could’ve fooled me by the several inches of snow I awoke to on the day of this writing), we feature the iris — an elegant and versatile bulb flower that is rising in popularity with designers and consumers. Have you noticed the new look of our Floral Marketing section in The Produce News? What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback about it, or any other comments you have regarding the news and views of supermarket floral. See you next month. Richard Lutes is the floral editor and floral sales manager of The Produce News. He can be contacted at 763/595-9559 or [email protected] FOR INDUSTRY UPDATES VISIT WWW.PRODUCENEWS.COM