New York Apples Sales says “Here comes Yes! Apples”

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Booth No. 3061 at the 2019 Produce Marketing Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA, on Oct. 17-19, will be the launching pad for Yes! Apples, a new and exciting consumer brand of fresh apples from New York Apple Sales Inc, headquartered in Glenmont, NY.

The company will blast off the new apple season with its Yes! Apples branding initiative, which will also be included in the New Products Showcase at the event.

Director of Brand Marketing Tenley Allen Fitzgerald said that Yes! Apples branding on consumer packaging will start to hit store shelves in late fall, as NYAS gradually rolls out the new look. Always popular varieties such as Honeycrisp, Gala, Fuji, McIntosh, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples will be wrapped in new packaging, proclaiming Yes! Apples branding.

“The new brand is the result of extensive consumer research, market analysis, customer focus groups and survey panels to help identify the best messaging to influence customer decisions,” noted Fitzgerald. “The answer was clear; YES! Apples.

“We wanted to adapt a fresh look, with a contemporary design that fits well into the buying habits and preferences of today’s consumers,” she continued. “As a millennial and brand specialist, l react to product messaging that addresses my interests and often includes a reason to purchase. Our message is simple, say YES! Apples.”

Fitzgerald said the company’s goal is to continue its message with YES! to family farms; YES! to fresh; YES! to locally grown; and YES! to juicy.

“These statements all address the top questions that consumers want to know, and especially when they are deciding on what fresh fruit to purchase,” she said. “YES! Apples can be the choice.”

In its new brand messaging, NYAS calls out that its family has been involved in the apple business since 1919, and women-owned since 1999, establishing decades of history and roots in New York state.

"We also emphasize fresh, local and juicy,” noted Fitzgerald. “For years, New York Apple Sales has used its business name or a generic state brand as a label on bags and cartons. After diving into consumer preferences and purchasing trends, we found that using a trade name did not target the consumer and did not appeal to the customer."

Consumers, she added, were more apt to favorably react to a brand than a company’s identification. New York Apple Sales will be the exclusive distributor of Yes! Apples.

The new brand was introduced to over 100 apple growers at the annual NYAS meeting earlier this summer and was received with enthusiasm and excitement.

“Growers were excited to see that their efforts to grow the best apples possible will now take on a new brand that will build equity in the marketplace for the future,” said Fitzgerald.

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