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Dallas Fresh Food Association luncheon features Lori Taylor

Throughout the year the Dallas Fresh Food Association, an organization focused on raising the profile of fresh food in Dallas, hosts networking luncheons for fresh produce professionals. Last month, the June DFFA luncheon guest speaker was Lori Taylor, owner and founder of Produce Moms, who spoke on the importance of influence, inspiration and the increase of consumption.loriLori Taylor

Taylor’s presentation emphasized the nearly 30 million students in the United States who receive free and reduced-price lunches. While making a case for how fresh produce is a mission-driven industry, Taylor highlighted the families of these children that are dependent upon schools to provide full and balanced meals. Another cornerstone of the presentation was the impact influencers are having on the fresh produce industry. Taylor expressed the need for influencers to work closely with fresh produce brands to create a lasting change of consumption of fresh produce in America.

“Lori’s presentation brought to light the reason we are so passionate about donating salad bars to local schools,” said Michael Grinstead, board member of the DFFA. “There is a need in our community and it is very rewarding to be part of an organization that seeks to meet that need.”

As part of its overall mission, the DFFA strives to ensure future generations have access to fresh fruits and vegetables by donating at least two salad bars a year to local schools, one of which was donated in May to Faith Family Academy-Oak Cliff.

DFFA partners with United Fresh Start Foundation, which has donated over 5,000 salad bars across the country. Taylor, who is an advocate for fresh produce in schools, announced she was donating $100 to DFFA to help fund the next salad bar.