Broccoli commingled with 3,000 pounds of marijuana

Last week a 52-year-old male Mexican citizen entered the Otay Mesa port of entry driving a tractor-trailer with cargo manifested as broccoli. The CBP officer referred the truck for further inspection.bro

A CBP canine team screened the pallets of broccoli and the detector dog gave a positive alert. Officers opened one of the boxes and discovered a green taped package commingled within the broccoli. Officers and discovered a total of 315 large wrapped packages of marijuana, weighing more than 3,365 pounds.

“Drug trafficking organizations will try every avenue to bring narcotics across,” said Port Director Rosa Hernandez. “These apprehensions showcase CBP officers facing this challenge head on.”

Officers cancelled the driver’s visa and turned him over to the custody of Homeland Security Investigations’ agents. CBP seized the trucks and narcotics.

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