Western Growers launches interactive AgTech Innovation Directory

Western Growers has officially launched an interactive directory that acts as a marketplace for agricultural technology (agtech) startups. The Western Growers AgTech Innovation Directory allows users to identify, research and connect with startup companies that are developing technologies and innovations to solve the biggest issues facing the agriculture industry. These startups are specializing in everything from automation and traceability to data management and aerial imagery.west

“As the agtech industry grows and the number of startups continues to increase, farm operators do not necessarily have the time to vet each startup to determine if a partnership is viable,” said Hank Giclas, Western Growers’ senior vice president, strategic planning, science and technology. “The vision of Western Growers AgTech Innovation Directory is to streamline that process, saving farmers time and money by allowing them to easily search for the startup and technology that meets their most immediate needs.”

The directory enables users to learn details about each startup, including team size, years in business and product/service descriptions. It also provides access to metrics such as acres deployed, community ratings, funding raised and business reviews.

The advanced search function of the directory allows users to quickly find desired startups. Filter categories include the following:

  • Location
  • Issues addressed (food safety, labor availability, water supply/quality, compliance costs, data management, planning and optimization)
  • Solutions offered (automation/mechanization, pest management, imagery and mapping, traceability, water treatment, irrigation hardware/software and predictive analytics)
  • Crops/commodities

In addition to serving farmers, the directory will provide agtech startup companies with the ability to connect directly with growers and potential clients, as well as provide venture capitalists with the opportunity to explore a startup’s progress prior to investing. The directory is open to the public; however, only Western Growers and Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology members will be able to post comments and reviews.

The launch of the Western Growers AgTech Innovation Directory is part of the center’s efforts to accelerate the development and adoption of agricultural technologies. Today, the center houses 50 startups that are inventing solutions to allow farmers to continue feeding the nation and world.

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