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Saco Foods acquires California Sun Dry

Saco Foods LLC, manufacturer and distributor of specialty consumer packaged goods, has acquired California Sun Dry Foods Inc., a leading brand of sun-dried tomatoes in the United States. California Sun Dry joins Saco’s line of successful products, including Dolci Frutta, a chocolate hard-shell dessert dip. Charles Olins, formerly the vice president of sales and marketing at Concord Foods, has joined Saco as vice president and general manager to grow the California Sun Dry brand under Saco’s ownership.sac

“With the acquisition of California Sun Dry, Saco has significantly expanded its volume in the produce section,” said Tom Walzer, Saco’s chief executive officer and president. “We are excited to welcome Charles Olins to the team and grow and build upon California Sun Dry’s successful legacy in the years to come.”

Saco’s and California Sun Dry’s owners have discussed this transaction for several years and the formal combination strengthens the market leading presence of both California Sun Dry and Dolci Frutta in the produce aisle. California Sun Dry’s owners, Gary DeAtley and Bill Riley, sold the business to facilitate their retirement.

Bill Riley added, “I’ve known Ray Sanna, Saco’s founder, for over 20 years, and Gary and I believe we’ve found the right long-term home for California Sun Dry. It will be exciting to see the combined companies and brands grow and thrive under common ownership.”