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Pacific Rose apple shines at Crane Family Orchards

Packing a large majority of the Pacific Rose apples grown in the United States, Crane Family Orchards is especially proud of this season’s crop, which is shipping now.

In 1912 when George Crane planted the orchard’s first trees in Brewster, WA, he may never have imagined that his great-great-granddaughters would specialize in a unique Splendour-Gala cross that originated in faraway New Zealand. Now spanning 1,300 acres and run by sisters Rachel and Kaylan Crane, Crane Family Orchards has made the crisp, sweet Pacific Rose apple famous since 2001.Kaylan-Crane-and-Rachel-Crane-in-Crane-Family-OrchardsKaylan Crane and Rachel Crane in Crane Family Orchards.

“The attraction to the apple came from my uncle who brought on the variety at the time,” said Rachel Crane, chief executive officer of Crane Family Orchards. “It’s been a great variety for us and has helped my family’s farm stay independent. The apple has had great success in the export market.”

T&G Global, the Auckland, New Zealand-based brand owner, has officially debuted a refreshed brand and brand positioning for the apple — which the Cranes have already begun teasing with the release of the new PLU.

“The reason why we’ve always had a great fit with the Cranes is because they have an export oriented mentality which is what we grew up with in New Zealand. They’re consistently striving to grow the best quality to compete in the global market,” said David Nelley, vice president of categories at Oppy, the company that introduced North American retailers to Pacific Rose nearly two decades ago. “We value the Crane Family Orchards’ experience in growing and packing the best colored Pacific Rose apples in the world and we embrace taking their story to our customer base and consumers.”

“It’s a really pleasant eating apple with its delicate sweet flavor and we’re lucky it stores really well,” Crane said. “We look forward to continue growing the best Pacific Rose possible as we head into the future.”