NWPB serves an entire truckload of watermelons at Marine Corps Marathon

Athletes at the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon were rewarded with fresh, hydrating watermelon upon crossing the finish line. As an event sponsor, the National Watermelon Promotion Board provided 48,000 samples of watermelon. Each carton of cubed watermelon was stickered with the message, “Refuel, Rehydrate, Recover.”MCM SB-and-Marc-Goldman BEST

“Having watermelon at MCM is perfect for refueling the runners. It’s become the reward after a 26.2-mile effort,” said Marc Goldman, MCM marketing manager. “The huge presence by the Watermelon Board in the event’s Finish Festival is a great way to connect with thousands of individuals and boast about the hydrating benefits and nutrients for recovery found in watermelon.”

Stephanie Barlow, NWPB’s senior director of communication, said the amino acid citrulline, antioxidants, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and water content found in watermelon all have a role in helping athletes refuel, rehydrate and recover.

“This was our sixth year as an MCM sponsor. Bringing watermelon to Washington, DC, is a capstone for the industry’s promotion and education efforts. Every watermelon queen and NWPB staff member plays a role in sharing watermelon’s health message,” said Barlow.

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