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Cuties' Snacking Stations a destination for healthy snacks

Cuties has launched new fuel-up themed Snacking Stations in-store. The Cuties Snacking Station’s design and convenient placement helps retailers meet the needs of parents looking for snacks that are affordable, properly proportioned, healthy and convenient to give their kids and themselves.Cuties-Snacking-Station Transparent

“Our new Snacking Stations help position Cuties as the better snacking choice when compared to the sugary and processed snacks that are typically placed in the middle of the store or near checkout,” said Kate Reeb, director of marketing. “We want to help retailers capture more impulse buysand keep Cuties top of mind with shoppers for their snack purchases.”

While snacking used to be viewed as an indulgence, 94 percent of Americans today enjoy a daily snack and view snacking as a healthy part of their lifestyle, according to market research company Mintel. With millennials specifically snacking up to five times per day, Cuties Snacking Stations are strategically placed in secondary locations outside of the produce department to not only earn more of shoppers’ snacking spend, but also capitalize on shopper interest in fresh and healthy foods.

Millennial parents, in particular, are actively looking for snacks that are convenient and portable while still being healthy, and the company said Cuties mandarins are the perfect on-the-go snacking solution for kids and parents alike.