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Mushroom Council down for the Ultimate Food Fight

The Mushroom Council will be joining the World Food Championships at The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL, in November to reward innovative competitors with a chance to take home additional cash.fungi

The Mushroom Council, which represents producers that grow or import an average of 500,000 pounds of mushrooms annually, will be a part of WFC’s brand new Bonus Bucks program. This inaugural program gives competitors a chance to earn extra cash regardless if they make the top 10 rounds in their respective category. While participation in the Bonus Bucks program is optional, 2018 Burger competitors will have a shot at taking home an additional $1,000 cash prize by incorporating mushrooms in their Signature round dish.

“We are excited to welcome the Mushroom Council to the growing industry of Food Sport,” said Mike McCloud, president and chief executive officer of WFC. “We are always looking to create unique challenges for our cooks that involve great products and flavors.”

To participate in the challenge, competitors in the World Burger Championship — which is presented and sponsored by Heisman-trophy winner Bo Jackson’s “Bo’s Burgers” — will be required to create a Blended Burger during the Signature round of competition. This means that Bo’s Burgers will be composed of at least 25 percent finely chopped mushrooms and use no binding ingredients. Additional mushrooms may be used as a topping or side dish ingredient. Burgers may include any combination of mushrooms, cheeses, condiments, and toppings. The highest scoring burger that meets all Bonus Bucks requirements will take home a $1,000 prize.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this year’s Ultimate Food Fight,” said Bart Minor, Mushroom Council president. “We can’t wait to see and taste what innovative recipes these talented competitors create using mushrooms.”