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SEPC announces 2018 member scholarship recipients

The Southeast Produce Council announced July 2 this year's SEPC member scholarship recipients. The council awarded 52 scholarships ($104,000) in 2017, and it is proud to increase that to a record-breaking 56 scholarships ($112,000) in 2018, thanks to the dedication of its members.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants who meet the application criteria of having a parent or grandparent who is a corporate member in good standing with the SEPC and has attended at least one SEPC event in the past year. Additionally, applicants must be enrolled with a minimum of 12 credit hours, and special consideration is given to those pursuing a career in the produce industry.

SEPC member scholarship recipients receive one $2,000 scholarship annually. Past recipients are eligible; however, they must have maintained a 3.0 GPA, and first preference is given to new applicants.

Congratulations to the 56 winners of the 2018 SEPC member scholarship: Adrianna Biederman, Alex Aken, Alexandra Biederman, Andrew Hendrix, Ansley Paulk, Ashley Aken, Blaine Millburn, Brady Slate, Brooke Lawson, Carter Schwalls, Christopher Congdon, Connor Alexander, Cora Neill, Corey Earwood, Daniela Turner, Emma Scott, Grayson Ferrell, Grayson Johnston, Haidyn Owens, Haley Koran, Henry Sherrod, Hunter Kastensmidt, Ian Campbell, Ila Mitchell, Jake Klausner, Jake Koran, James Brown, John Mocettini, Justin Litaker, Kasie Ream, Katherine Key, Kayla Mudger, Krista Williams, Kristen Cullen, Kristofer Dietz, Kyle Turner, Lauren Mocettini, Mari-Ana Smith, Mario Bruno, Meagan Elmer Kamra, Nick DiCarlo, Olivia Sbrocco, Patrick Dunleavy, Payton Scott, Philip Temples, Robert Temples, Sarah McClean, Savannah Millburn, Sebastian Slagel, Steven Sterling, Sullivan Mangum, Thiago Campbell, Tyler Koran, Tyler Boyette, Whittaker Johnston and Zachary Elmer.

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