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Amazon Produce Network now offering Fair Trade mangos

Amazon Produce Network, a mango importer headquartered in Vineland, NJ, with offices in Los Angeles, McAllen, TX, Nogales, AZ, and Miami, is now offering Fair Trade-certified organic and conventional mangos this year for the first time. Fair-Trade---Kuali

From June through September, Amazon Produce will source a wide range of mangos from two family-owned-and-operated growers in Mexico, Frusta Exporta and Perez Organico. Varieties will include organic and conventional Ataulfos, Tommy Atkins, Keitts and Kents, all carrying the Fair Trade Certified seal.

Fruta Exporta and Perez Organico are dedicated mango growers that have focused on the individual development and the well-being of their workers and communities. Due to the increased work hours required during harvest and packing, they employ both seasonal and full-time workers. Their workforce is made up of a mixture of local and migrant workers from the mango-growing areas in Mexico.

Fruta Exporta, Perez Organico and Amazon Produce began working towards Fair Trade certification two years ago as part of a commitment to their workers and mango-growing communities. Comprehensive Fair Trade standards combined with Good Agricultural Practices ensure that both full-time and seasonal workers earn decent wages, work under safe conditions, enjoy freedom of association and practice environmental stewardship.

Fair Trade will also help empower workers through Community Development Funds -- additional money earned for every pound of mangos sold, which the workers will democratically designate toward projects of their choosing, like education and healthcare.

“With Fair Trade, we believe we can help farmworkers in the growing regions, as well as create awareness about this delicious tropical fruit in the U.S. market,” said Greg Golden, co-owner and director of sales of Amazon Produce. “Our guiding principle is, ‘We build long-term, sustainable partnerships with both suppliers and customers based on integrity, transparency, loyalty and fairness.’  

“The Fair Trade program fits perfectly with our guiding principle,” Golden continued. “Amazon Produce is very proud to partner with Fruta-Exporta, Perez Organico and Fair Trade USA to bring Fair Trade-certified mangos to the shelves of U.S. retailers, and in doing so, help countless farmworkers, their families and communities.”