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Raley’s new banner focused on organic, nutrition and education

While nearly three-quarters of Americans believe organic foods are healthier, nearly 72 percent say price is a major determining factor in whether they actually buy organic versus conventional foods. Enter Market 5-ONE-5; a new modern market focused on customers’ wellbeing, with more affordable options to help more people eat well. The store opened its inaugural location May 15 in downtown Sacramento, CA.Market 5one5 224228436 Produce 7305

Market 5-ONE-5 is reminiscent of a neighborhood market founded on the principle that discovering quality, nutritious food should be easy, accessible and affordable. Every item in the store was hand-selected based on three core values: organic, nutrition and education (ONE).

“Market 5-ONE-5, and what it stands for, has been a vision of ours for a long time,” said Michael Teel, owner. “Its purpose is to offer our community access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food. Its mission is to help people live healthy, vital lives by taking the guesswork out of understanding nutrition.”

For the 78 percent of Americans who say they encounter a lot of conflicting information about what to eat or avoid, Market 5-ONE-5 simplifies their shopping experience. This store was developed specifically to meet the needs of people who are overwhelmed trying to decipher food labels and translate ingredient lists. In fact, it goes to great lengths to stock the shelves with items that meet the highest standards of health and nutrition set according to the Market 5-ONE-5 brand promise. This includes minimally processed, organic and sustainably sourced products that are free of unrecognizable ingredients not found in nature.

“Market 5-ONE-5 is about conviction to a core set of principles,” said Keith Knopf. “We don’t stock products we don’t believe in, so customers can trust everything on the shelves. Our team members know exactly where our products come from, what is in them, and how they were produced.”

The team members at Market 5-ONE-5 are true food experts and committed to providing exceptional service. They include chefs, foodies, urban farmers, nutritionists and a registered dietitian, all of whom will readily offer their guidance, knowledge and expertise on food and nutrition to educate customers.

Market 5-ONE-5 offers in-store shopping, eating and socializing, including wine by the glass; beer and kombucha on tap; a coffee, tea and juice bar; and space for indoor and outdoor dining. The store features seasonally prepared cuisine for in-store dining and delivery for customers who want access to fresh, nutritious food from the comfort of their own home. The market will also offer catering delivered to local businesses in the city of Sacramento.

Through the ONE COMMUNITY Program, a portion of each eligible purchase at Market 5-ONE-5 will be donated to a local charity — customers will help to decide the benefiting charities.

The store is part of the Raley’s corporation but managed independently, offering a unique store experience for customers and a product selection that is held to its namesake. Expansion plans for future Market 5-ONE-5 locations are already being considered.