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Hardie’s Fresh Foods earns SQF Level 2 certification

Hardie’s Fresh Foods has earned its Safe Quality Food Level 2 certification at all four warehouses: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX.

Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, the SQF certification is a worldwide initiative that provides the standard of providing the safest foods to consumers. Very few companies achieve Level 2 certification within four locations throughout the state, making Hardie’s Fresh Foods one of the most reputable foodservice distributors in Texas.

To further its commitment to educating more than five hundred employees, Hardie’s Fresh Foods recently held its annual Safety Week to share the long-lasting impact that the SQF Level 2 standards have with the restaurants it serves. SQF standards require rigorous testing, including audits that measure traceability and safety standards. Using these standards, Hardie’s Fresh Foods is able to give its customers confidence in the food safety of the fresh foods they are serving.

“Our chef partners choose Hardie’s Fresh Foods because of our unprecedented commitment to safety and quality — their guests demand it, and we deliver on it,” Tony Stachurski, vice president of corporate procurement from Hardie’s Fresh Foods, said in a press release. “Our SQF certification is just the beginning in our long-term commitment to providing the safest, best tasting fresh foods to restaurants throughout Texas.”

“I love working with Hardie’s Fresh Foods because of the standard of excellence they provide — they’re on time, friendly, and efficient,” Suki Otsuki, executive chef with Mudhen Meat and Greens, said in the release. “I can trust that every delivery that comes to my restaurant has been ‘stamped’ by Hardie’s quality and safety standards and will be the freshest foods to serve my guests.”