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Produce Pro rapidly installs system for Premier Produce

When Scott Danner moved from Kansas City, KS, last July to become the president of the foodservice supplier Premier Produce, his mission was to profitably build sales.

“So far, so good,” Danner said of progress at Premier, which is located in Pembroke Park, FL.

To get “so far” involved a totally fresh start on Premier’s computer system, which hadn't been geared toward the produce business. “There were none of the details needed for in and out from the data standpoint,” he said.Scott-Danner-1Scott Danner

“To take the company to the next level and really grow it, we needed to know true costs and loses here” and all the other details to make Premier more efficient and profitable, Danner said. So he called Produce Pro, “which is definitely a leader in the industry in produce software.” 

Danner worked with Marc Hatfield and Parshv Shah of Produce Pro. Hatfield is the firm’s national sales manager and Shah came from the firm’s Woodridge, IL, office to work with Premier’s system and train everyone in the company.

Hatfield said it normally takes six to 12 months to install a new Produce Pro system. But Premier was starting from scratch and needed the fastest move possible. “We signed a contract in mid-August and we were online in mid-November,” Danner said.

Hatfield credited Premier’s “smart people” for having the ability to quickly learn the system. “The training went smoothly.”

“When the ownership and management and rank and file buy in, it’s easier on both teams," he said. "It’s much easier if your people are willing and eager to learn — and eager to implement the system.”

“It was a real pleasure to work with Premier,” Shah said. The positive attitude “gets it done very quickly. Without that, we never could have done this in three months.” In the month after the system was completed, Shah said the Premier staff had assimilated the software so well “that I have not needed to go back” to Florida.

Danner said that Premier has distribution depots in Naples and Key West, FL, and the firm has foodservice customers across south Florida.