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Marzetti video series connects to consumers, gives to charities


Marzetti, a leader in refrigerated dressings and produce dips, is reaching out to consumers with a four-part video series. The company will donate up to $5,000 to four different charities in connection with the videos.

“Marzetti is about celebrating what’s good in life, like the fresh and natural goodness of produce,” Bob Holtcamp, vice president of brand management for The T. Marzetti Co., said in a press release. “We want to inspire creativity, but we also want to give back. We’re inspiring our consumers to help us donate to charity.”

The first video, created to inspire the foodie in consumers, is centered on a robot-themed kid’s party. The stop-motion video gives a quick and fun look as the robot magically comes to life. We see the fresh produce “parts” of the robot moving down a carrot conveyor as the pineapple body, cucumber legs and celery arms attach to become a fun centerpiece for any kids’ celebration or just a fun project for the family to do at home. And for every “like” or “share” the video receives, Marzetti will donate $1 to March of Dimes — up to a total of $5,000.

For easy instructions to build your own robot at home, a link is provided to a how-to video. Renowned “foodscape” artist Carl Warner shows the quick and easy steps to create a cute, kid-friendly robot from pineapple, cucumbers and squash, among other fresh produce.

“The ‘What will you produce?’ campaign allows Marzetti to form an even deeper relationship with our consumers in a fun, entertaining way,” Mary Beth Cowardin, director of marketing for Marzetti Brands, said in the release. “With this campaign we want to inspire the inner foodie in our consumers and help them add a wow factor to any gathering by showing off their creative side.”

The next three “What will you produce” videos, including both stop motion and how-tos, show ways to delight guests at a Mother’s Day celebration, a girl’s night in gathering and a Fourth of July picnic. For every “like” or “share” of the stop-motion video on Facebook and YouTube, Marzetti will donate $1 to The Mommies Network, Girls on The Run and the National Military Family Association — up to $5,000 for each charity.