Expert Kevin Coupe talks online retailing and making the most of the Millennial market
CHATHAM, MA — You know Kevin Coupe from Morning News Beat and as the author of a pair of well-known books, "The Big Picture" and "Retail Rules." Coupe was the keynote speaker at the New England Produce Council Expo 2015 — NEPC by the Sea... Read more
Maggie G soaks up some Cape Cod flavor
CHATHAM, MA — When you think of old Cape Cod, you think Pilgrims, boats, lighthouses, clam "chowdah" and a whole lot of history. Our video series from the New England Produce Council Expo 2015 — "NEPC by the Sea" — continues as Maggie Giuffrida... Read more
PMA's new member directory
Exclusive to Produce Marketing Association members, the new PMA Member Directory can help individuals find their next business partner. The new directory features better, faster and smarter search functionality, the ability to browse company and... Read more
NEPC show host to fruit from Chile, veggies from Jersey and more
CHATHAM, MA — Our series from the New England Produce Council Expo 2015 — NEPC by the Sea — held here Sept. 16-18 continues with another look at the beachside trade show floor. Fruit from Chile, veggies from Jersey, nuts from North Carolina and... Read more
Caloroso, Hoxie and Giumarra's new avocado packaging
Today’s consumers demand health and flavor, and Nature’s Partner and Giumarra are promoting nutritious, versatile avocados in an effort to grow avocado sales. Their avocado bag and supporting marketing materials highlight the Hass Avocado Board’s... Read more
NEPC takes business beachside at Cape Cod outdoor trade show
CHATHAM, MA — The historic and elegant Chatham Bars Inn here was the setting for the New England Produce Council 2015 Expo — NEPC by the Sea — Sept. 16-18. Our Maggie Giuffrida put her toes in the sand to talk to industry movers and shakers on... Read more
NEPC 2015 kicks off with Cape Cod clambake
CHATHAM, MA — The New England Produce Council Expo 2015 — "NEPC by the Sea" — kicked off in grand style on Cape Cod with a ritzy beachside clambake at the historic Chatham Bars Inn Sept. 16. Our Maggie Giuffrida chatted with guests about the... Read more
Potandon transitioning from storage to fresh potatoes
Purple, pink, red, white — it’s a whole new world for potatoes. And a whole new season. Our Maggie Giuffrida caught up with Jamey Higham, Potandon's vice president of new business and foodservice,  for an update on the transition from the... Read more
Everybody needs a (spuddy) buddy
  Everybody needs a buddy, as our Maggie Giuffrida found out from the Idaho Potato Commission. Armand Lobato provided the lowdown on all the marketing materials the commission has available — including its irresistible Spuddy Buddy mascot. Read more
Food safety comes first throughout Chick-fil-A supply chain
We all think of chicken when we think of Chick-fil-A, but salads and other produce are a hugely important part of the chain's success. Chick-fil-A Manager of Food Chain Safety Steven Lyon talks about how the fast food giant keeps food safety top-of-mind. "Food... Read more
The social side of PMA Foodservice and Monterey
MONTEREY, CA — Our Maggie Giuffrida did a little California dreaming while we were on the West Coast for the PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo here. From Pebble Beach to Cannery Row, the Pacific Coast Highway to a little French bakery, the journey... Read more
How does Christopher Ranch peel all that garlic?
What do auto mechanics and Christopher Ranch have in common? A lot, when it comes to garlic. Imperfect garlic bulbs are still perfectly delicious, they're just not cosmetically appealing. So how to save a significant part of a crop and turn... Read more
Cooking with the Fit Foodie at the PMA Foodservice show
MONTEREY, CA — Chef Mareya Ibrahim, the Fit Foodie, is an award-winning chef, entrepreneur and media veteran who showed our Maggie Giuffrida how to whip up a mean Kohlrabi Hash Three-Way at the PMA Foodservice show here. The secret ingredient?... Read more
Avocado and chocolate? Some delicious avocado options
We all know avocados are extremely versatile. It's obviously the go-to dip for any occasion. But how about a chocolate truffle with a creamy avocado center? Chef Mark Garcia with Avocados From Mexico gives our Maggie Giuffrida a lesson on alternative... Read more
'New-Fashioned' cocktails with Sunkist Chef Robert Danhi
What's a "new-fashioned" cocktail? Sunkist Chef Robert Danhi showed our Maggie Giuffrida at the PMA Foodservice Convention & Expo in Monterey, CA, July 24-26. A little bit classic and a lot fresh, this drink is an instant contender — and... Read more
Industry leaders offer advice at Women's Fresh Perspectives reception
MONTEREY, CA — A packed house turned out for the PMA Foundation Women's Fresh Perspectives Reception at the Marriott Monterey as part of the PMA Foodservice Show here July 24-26. Our Maggie Giuffrida talked with leaders like Margi Prueitt, senior vice... Read more
PMA Foodservice: Network, network, network
More than 1,800 fresh produce and foodservice professionals convened in Monterey, CA, for the 34th annual PMA Foodservice Conference — with one major goal in mind — to connect with new ideas and old friends. Catch some highlights of the most popular... Read more
PMA Foodservice education session highlights
More than 440 attendees tuned in for education sessions at the PMA Foodservice Conference in Monterey, CA. Speakers included celebrity chefs Jet Tila, Gerry Ludwig and Hugh Acheson, who talked about produce and foodservice trends like the veg-centric... Read more
Hustle and bustle on the PMA Foodservice expo floor
MONTEREY, CA — What's new in the foodservice world? The Produce News Assistant Editor Maggie Giuffrida had just under six hours to find out as the 2015 PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo wrapped up with a whirlwind one-day trade show July 26. More... Read more
Seaside opener sets the tone for PMA Foodservice show
MONTEREY, CA — The 2015 PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo kicked off with a seaside gala here July 24. The Produce News Assistant Editor Maggie Giuffrida, the newest member of our video team, talked shop with the industry — and sampled the... Read more