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Emily Watson Libsack joins J.C. Watson Packing Co.

With more than a decade’s experience in domestic and international produce and ag-related operations, Emily Watson Libsack joined J.C. Watson Packing Co. as vice president of marketing.

As the fourth generation of Watsons at the Parma, ID-based company, she now works alongside her father, Jon, who is corporate president; mother, Margie, secretary/treasurer; and brother, Bradley, vice president of operations. Also her husband, Colbie Libsack, is farm manager, and the two are parents of 2-year-old Harper, part of the J.C. Watson fifth generation.libsackEmily Watson Libsack, Colbie Libsack and their daughter, Harper. Photo courtesy of Emily Watson Libsack.

While her ties to the onion industry are forged by heritage — her great-grandfather, James Christopher Watson, traveled to Treasure Valley from Iowa in the early 1900s and founded the company 106 years ago — Watson Libsack said she worked to bring her individualized skill set to the business after college.

“When I was younger, I helped out during the summertime in the shed and in the office,” she said. “I always wanted to offer value to the company, so I developed skills at other companies.”

Most recently, Watson Lisback was a global crop sales manager for carrots in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America for Nunhems, owned by BASF, for eight years. During her tenure she worked as a global marketing specialist and in several other capacities for multiple crops, including onions.

“I worked in the Treasure Valley and also traveled frequently to Salinas and Bakersfield in California and also to Canada and Mexico,” Watson Libsack said. Her international experience in global onion marketing includes working with operations in Europe, India and China.

Tech experience was gained at Unison Software in Boise, ID, where Watson Libsack was employed after studying marketing and management at Colorado State University.

She said her first priority is to work with longtime sales staff members such as Kent Sutherland, Jamie Anderson and Sharon Miyakawa. “I can learn a lot from them,” she said.

“We will be looking into new markets and further developing our customer base,” Watson Libsack said. “We expect to expand into new outlets in the next 18 months.”

She added, “I am excited to come to the company. The timing is perfect, with J.C. Watson Packing starting in some new markets and launching new projects. It will be great to work with my family and friends here.”