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True Organic Products' new hires to lead R&D

True Organic Products Inc., one of the larger manufacturers of organic fertilizer in the United States, announced that three highly accomplished and respected scientists have joined its technical department, bringing years of experience and research. The research and development department will expand while focusing on assisting customers with their growing needs: troubleshooting issues, customer consultations and answering questions.RD-Team-Picture-2Mike Menes, vice president of technical services; Charles Grove, senior chemist; Ramy Colfer, senior agronomist ; and Ehsan Toosi, director of research and development.

Ramy Colfer will serve as research agronomist, using 18 years of organic field experience and extensive knowledge of soil monitoring and fertility management. Ehsan Toosi will serve as director of research and development, overseeing the department and bringing innovative ideas in soil health, soil biology and soil physics. Charles Grove will bring his experience in product development, formulation and optimization and serve as the departments chemist.

“Having Ramy, Ehsan, and Charles join the team is essential to the growth of both the organic and conventional marketplace," said Jake Evans, owner of True. "This group will definitely elevate our research, take our products to the next level, and provide valuable customer support. We are thrilled to see where the research takes us this year and in the future.”

Along with existing members of the True team, the research and development department is looking to continue innovating new products and improving existing product lines while providing valuable agricultural services, putting customers directly in contact with scientists to assist with addressing concerns and overcoming challenges.