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Kim Reddin resigns from National Onion Association

The National Onion Association announced that Kim Reddin has resigned from her position as director of public and industry relations.

“I have truly loved working for the NOA,” said Reddin.  “My decision to leave did not come easy. Since day one, in 2004, when I boarded the plane for New Orleans where NOA’s Annual Convention was being held, the ride has been extraordinary! I am proud of the accomplishments made during my 13-year tenure and deeply grateful for the many opportunities and unique experiences that were part of being the NOA’s director of public and industry relations.

"Over the years, I have worked alongside and met some of the most amazing people," she said. "I cherish both the professional and personal relationships I’ve developed, and look forward to keeping as many of those as possible. It has been an honor to promote onions on a national level and to represent the members of the NOA.  Be assured, I will continue to be an advocate for the industry and for onions.”

Reddin will become director of communications for Greeley-based Colorado Corn Administrative Committee effective Feb. 12. “I look forward to representing the 4,000 field corn producers in my home state, and helping them achieve their marketing and consumer outreach initiatives. This is an opportunity to expand my career in ag communications, work which I am passionate about, closer to home.”  

“It has been a great honor for the National Onion Association to have Kim as our public relations/promotional director for the past 13 years," said NOA President Doug Stanley. "Kim is a wonderful person and has worked diligently promoting onions.  She has brought our Association forward with the advent of social media and its implementation.  With tears of joy we say goodbye to Kim and bid her well in her new role. I know she holds a special place in many people’s hearts and will be missed.”

“A mere thank you is not enough for all of what Kim has accomplished for members of the National Onion Association," Wayne Mininger, executive vice president of NOA, said. "She has a real knack for maximizing public relations on a budget, and is particularly adept with membership interactions.  Kim will be missed!  She was a star performer and a true team player throughout her 13 years with the NOA.  On behalf of the staff, officers, trustees, and members, we wish Kim much success in her new position as the Director of Communications at Colorado Corn."

An active search for the next director of public and industry relations is now under way. Interested candidates can view the full job description LinkedIn at the National Onion Association’s company page.