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 Parade of rain in California, Florida's strange weather continues
The strange weather in Florida continues with rain and cold temps coming on Sunday, and the biggest grouping of storms to hit California in several years is now upon us.  California's rain began Monday in earnest and will continue off and on before clearing out Friday.    The most intense locations for rain from these storms will be in the areas... Read more
Rain to hit California, Florida's roller coaster continues
Rain is coming to California, but the rain predicted for Mexico from these same storms had pretty much fizzled out. In Florida the roller coaster continues with unstable temperatures.  The coastal growing regions of California will see the most rain while the deserts will stay relatively dry. Depending on locations throughout the state you may... Read more
Extended rain coming to California, Culiacan returns to normal temps
A couple nights of cool weather are coming to Florida this week and next, and a significant amount of rain is coming to California and Baja California Mexico next week. After 10 days of extreme cold in the state of Sinaloa, temps are finally back to normal, but reduced supplies are coming from the region. This Wednesday and Thursday, Florida can expect... Read more
Nogales wakes up to snow, cold temps could slow lettuce
While Florida continues to experience optimal growing conditions, Nogales woke up to snow on the ground, and near-freezing temperatures are set to hit lettuce- and wet veg-growing areas in California and Arizona.  DESERT SOUTHWESTNear-freezing temperatures are coming to the U.S. lettuce-growing regions tonight and tomorrow night. The main lettuce... Read more
Tomato, pepper supplies to tighten in Nogales
Cold weather is coming to Culiacan, which could cause production issues for a variety of produce crossing in Nogales and McAllen, TX. At the same time warmer weather is expected to boost production in Florida. CULIACAN COOLDOWNA cool down is coming to Culiacan, Mexico this week. This time of year Culiacan is a main Mexican growing region for tomatoes, Bell... Read more
Florida heats up while Culiacan cools down
FLORIDA HEATS UP Florida got hit by a good shot of rain over the last two days. Now come the cooler temps today through Sunday with minimums in to the 40s in all the major growing regions up and down the state. This will probably lead to a slight reduction in harvest numbers over the next few days. Florida will finally get some relief for Christmas as... Read more
While cold weather is headed to Florida as well as some of Mexico's veg-, berry- and avocado-growing regions, a mini heatwave is coming to the desert southwest in the U.S. and inland growing regions of Chile. FLORIDARain is coming to Florida on Wednesday and Thursday; the Sunshine State should also expect cold temps Saturday night. Tomorrow and Thursday... Read more
Freezing temps coming for veg- and berry-growing regions
Several veg- and berry-growing locations in Mexico are expecting freezing temperatures tonight. Last night, tonight and tomorrow will see extreme cold temps in the some of Mexico's main lettuce-, broccoli- and celery-growing regions as well as the berry-growing regions of Jacona, Zamora and Tangancicuaro, Michoacán. Tonight will be the coldest night out... Read more
Weather around the country and Mexico stable
Weather in general around the country and in Mexico is pretty stable right now. No major issues to report. The valley of Culiacan received up to 3” of rain last Friday.   FLORIDA Florida is experiencing some fluctuating temperatures over the next ten days but nothing serious.     Belle Glade yesterday and today with have highs... Read more
More rain headed to western growing areas
Another shot of rain is coming to the west of the United States and Mexico next week. The rain will start today in Northern California and make its way down the coast of Baja California and Sinaloa by Thursday afternoon into Friday. Today the areas of Salinas and Santa Maria are expecting up to 0.25 inches of rain and the same amount tomorrow. Temps for these... Read more
Cool temps provide no relief for tight markets
Areas of Mexico continue to be unseasonably cool. Florida will be cold the next two nights, followed by a five-day warming trend; look for production to slow down for the rest of the week. In the central coast of California, rain and cold weather might slow down production as well. Tonight and tomorrow night will see minimum temps in the low to mid-40s... Read more
Markets heat up after freeze hits parts of Mexico
Temperatures got below freezing in many locations in the northeastern part of Mexico, mainly in the states of Coahuila, Zacatecas, Durango and San Luis Potosi. While Mexico is now out of freeze danger, temps will remain cool through Saturday across the country. On Sunday temperatures will begin to return to normal and we should expect good growing conditions... Read more
Veg markets ready to take off as freeze hits parts of Mexico
Since Friday, forecasted minimum temps in Mexico have been adjusted down even further. Starting last night the minimum temp in Torreon was 34, tonight and tomorrow will be 27 and Thursday 36. Anything left in the shade houses such as tomatoes, Bell peppers, cukes are expected to be lost. The same will be the case for these commodities coming out of Durango, which... Read more
Big chill coming to east-central Mexico
Markets will be active next week as many commodities will be affected by a huge cold front hitting Mexico. Starting Tuesday of next week the majority of central and eastern Mexico will see at least five nights of extremely cool temps -- roughly 20 degrees below normal -- that will affect production. The region of La Laguna in Coahuila, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato,... Read more
Freeze could put Georgia crops on ice
Temperatures are predicted to drop close to freezing next week in Georgia. Currently in the growing regions of southern Georgia high temps are in the upper 70s and minimums in the mid-60s. Starting this Saturday things will change dramatically as a cold front settles in and temps begin to drop. Saturday night will see a minimum temp of 47 and will continue to... Read more
Crops getting caught in the cold November rain
As we enter November more southern growing locations are coming on and regions farther north are fading away. In the east, Florida is starting to pick up steam with all regions starting light harvest. It won’t be long before Florida is in full production up and down the state. Out west Yuma, AZ, has begun its first pickings, and by Thanksgiving it will be in... Read more
Cold front to hit Mexico, Georgia and Florida production
A cold front coming to central and eastern Mexico later this week and lasting through next week could affect production of all commodities coming from these regions. Depending on the region the cold weather is expected to start as early as Thursday or as late as Saturday and will last through Wednesday, Oct. 31. Minimums temps over this five-day period will get... Read more
Pumpkin production continues to roll strong
As we quickly approach Halloween, ample supplies of pumpkins remain to continue the promotion of carving-type orange Jack O’ Lanterns through Halloween. “We have experienced very moderate temperatures (high 70s to low 80s) this fall, which has allowed for normal production of pumpkins in California,” said Ryan Van Groningen, president of Van Groningen &... Read more
Tropical storm to hit the Hermosillo Valley today
Tropical Storm Sergio will miss major growing regions in Baja California, but it is expected bring more than three inches of rain to Hermosillo Valley today. It appears that Sergio is going to pass directly between Baja California's major growing regions without causing any serious damage to them. In Vizcaino, the National Weather Service... Read more
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's orange forecast is good news for Florida; however, the industry has a way to go before it can be called a recovery. USDA pegged its initial 2018-19 Florida total orange estimate at 79 million boxes, a 76 percent increase from last year when Hurricane Irma and disease ravaged the crop. The USDA reported early and mid-season... Read more