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The Inside Look (June 24)

Does it surprise anyone that July’s calendar events revolve around picnic foods? July is National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Picnic Month, and yes… even National Pickle Month!

inside-look-July1 Our fave HR expert, Glenna Hecht, shares five great tips to “hack” your business processes when your feet are at home, but your head is “out to lunch” — dreaming of sand and surf! Another great way to utilize the slower-paced sales mode of Summer is to develop a plan to “soak up the sun” of new products, new information and expert education. Come Q4… you’ll be glad you did! This month’s edition is packed full of SAF’s upcoming events and the AFE Fundraising Dinner that is a critical component of supporting the future of the industry.

In this issue, is an updated list of major industry events through the remainder of 2019, with new events being added monthly. This will become a regular feature of the monthly Floral Pulse, so you’ll always be the “first to know.” And speaking of “sand and surf,” the utilization of “the surf” being used to transport our floral products is nothing less than revolutionary.

Do you feel like I do? Hearing snippets, but trying hard to compile comprehensive information that can be truly acted upon? Well, don’t miss the amazing information from the Sealand Team. They’ve answered many questions that swirl around in a retailer’s head and have given us confidence that the Colombian floriculture industry has a new transport mode to strengthen its quality and market position.

We’ll continue to offer progress updates on this important initiative. And how can we send out a Floral Pulse issue without including amazing new products? This month, it’s all about new breeds of lilies from our friends in Holland. You’ll be amazed to see these stunners and so will our customers!

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