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Is your mind in staycation mode?


Merriam-Webster definition: A vacation at home or nearby.

Glenna Hecht definition:

When your feet are in one place, and your head is in another.

HR-July1 I take frequent staycations! I may be standing in Dallas, but my brain is in Palm Springs, Key West, Bali, Florence, NYC… you get the picture. This phenomenon sets in more frequently in the summer when employees go on vacation, you can cut the air with a knife, and people and business move more slowly.

I recently dusted off my New Year’s resolutions and business goals and had a “heart-to-heart” conversation with my boss (ME), regarding desired results. It is half-time with six months remaining in 2019 to achieve the goals that will make a difference to you, your business, and your employees.

Years ago, I realized that staycation can be a time for learning, producing, and updating business processes and offerings. I use my staycation time to read the blogs or listen to the podcasts that I have saved over months to enhance my skills.

We all have areas of strength and opportunity; perhaps marketing is an A, but coaching is a C. Pick up a book or listen to a podcast on that topic and identify two-three points to implement with your team.

You can also use your staycation to review and “hack” your business processes. What does that mean?


What is working/not working regarding your people processes?

How can you update and introduce in the organization?      

People processes:

Interviewing and Recruiting

Unemployment is at the lowest rate since 1969. Your process must be easy, efficient, and quick! Make changes to “speed” it up.

Look at your first impression and consider job posting ads and walk in experiences. Would the first impression entice you to work for you?

Sell your strengths in job postings and be candid in interviews.


Orientation is day 1, onboarding is ongoing. What information do you communicate and provide as ongoing learning to engage employees?

Provide a welcome basket with company goodies; this connects the employee to the company right from the start!

Identify a culture ambassador to pave the way for your new hire!


Products and processes change quickly, is your training up to date?

Don’t cut three weeks of training into three hours. Honor training!

Measure results/outcomes during training. Is the new employee exhibiting the behaviors you expected when you hired them?


Do you provide timely coaching and feedback? Do employees know where they stand? What are opportunities for career advancement? Employees want to understand their options before they start and during their career.

Is your company fun to work for? Ask employees and introduce or modify engagement activities.

Policies and Procedures

Remove one obstacle every 60 days!

Review your policies every year and update your handbook and operations manual to reflect these changes.

When your feet are at home, but your head is on a beach imagining you are holding a beverage with an umbrella, use the time to make a difference and forego the sunburn!

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