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Green Circle Growers awarded Vendor of the Year by H-E-B

At its annual Floral Show, Texas-based grocery retailer H-E-B awarded the Vendor of the Year Award for 2018 to Ohio greenhouse Green Circle Growers after working closely together on multiple sales and marketing projects in the past fiscal year, according to a news release.

This is the second Vendor of the Year Award for Green Circle Growers, having won in 2013 as well.

The H-E-B Vendor of the Year is awarded based on the following criteria: innovation, dedication to quality, customer service, productivity, quick to action, and cost of goods.

Green Circle Growers has developed a close relationship with the Texas grocery chain including research and knowledge into H-E-B’s regional position and audience.

This year’s Floral Show featured the debut of H-E-B’s new brand “Max & Miles,” a plant lifestyle brand developed in conjunction with the sales and marketing teams at Green Circle Growers.

The inspiration behind Max & Miles is based on the idea that plants have personalities. If you’re a “Max,” you’re bold, vibrant, and love to make a statement. A “Miles” is more subdued, flexible, and thoughtful.

The Max collection includes tropical plants like Phalaenopsis orchids, bromeliads, money trees, bonsais and anthuriums. The Miles collection features a variety of foliage and succulents.

Green Circle Growers works with retailers of all sizes, from small local businesses to national store brands across the United States and Canada. The company’s sales and marketing teams offer retailers a portfolio of goods and resources to empower consumers to make confident purchases.