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Sweet peas offer ‘delicate look and divine fragrance’

Since 1992, Dutch nursery has specialized in growing sweet peas and it now claims to be the largest sweet pea grower in the world. It harvests about 3.5 million stems a year and during peak season — from April through June — around 120,000 stems are harvested each week.

SWEET-PEAS-2‘The strength of this little flower is the powerful combination of a delicate look and a divine fragrance,’ said business manager Jarek Ewiak.“We have many different colors and in-between shades,” said business manager Jarek Ewiak in a press release. “Our growing method allows us to offer a year-round production.”

Normally, sweet peas are only available from March until July but grows almost all colors of sweet peas nearly year-round, from mid-February through December. And because sweet peas are highly resistant to diseases and insects, they can also be grown in an environmentally friendly way.

“We are quite experienced nowadays and are able to realize a 90 percent sustainable growing method,” said company owner, Rob Hoogeveen in the release. “Growing Lathyrus is our family passion and for most brides this is a much sought-after flower. It’s also great for event work; floral designers just love working with them. And the pink and white varieties are often used in funeral work.”

According to the company’s website, Lathyrus Odoratus is grown in the traditional way — in the open ground in the greenhouse. The sweet pea seeds are sown in seed trays and after two weeks they are planted in the greenhouse. When the plants are 10 weeks old and the first flowers appear, harvesting begins. And to ensure freshness, the packing takes place at the very last minute, in the morning when the flowers are just cut.

Most of the company’s sweet peas are sold through the Netherlands flower auctions in Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk and are exported throughout the world, from Japan to North America. But you can also order directly from via mail or phone.

“The strength of this little flower is the powerful combination of a delicate look and a divine fragrance,” said Ewiak in the release. “Many sweet pea growers grow them ‘on the side’ in summer; we, however, are dedicated to this product all year round -— from seed to packing to transport, because we truly believe in it. That passion and intensity is reflected in every single flower. The fact that it is a climber gives you pretty, differently shaped vines. It’s not a mass product and it’s a feast to work with every single day.”

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