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Learn strategies to market flowers to four generations at SAF Palm Springs

Learn ideas and inspiration during “Age-Appropriate Allure: Fashion Your Flowers to Fit Four Generations,” the keynote presentation at SAF Palm Springs 2018, the Society of American Florists’ 134th Annual Convention, Sept. 12-15 at the Westin Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, CA.

SAF-PALM-SPRINGSJackie Lacey and Renato Sogueco will present ‘Age-Appropriate Allure: Fashion Your Flowers to Fit Four Generations’ at SAF Palm Springs 2018.Jackie Lacey, Floriology’s director of education and industry relations, and Renato Sogueco, BloomNet’s vice president of digital strategy and education, will examine generational shopping habits and design styles and offer tips on how to market to consumers raised in a digital age, according to a news release.

Their presentation includes a design demonstration using the same flowers to appeal to baby boomers, Gen X-ers, millennials and young adults (Gen Z), and pointers on marketing opportunities for each.

“We must be prepared to have a marketing effort that is geared to our target consumer base while easily adaptable for the other generations,” Lacey said in the release.

“This will allow us to take a single concept that can be changed to fit each target. This is working smarter instead of harder. Know your client. It is a must.”

Sogueco pointed to a popular misconception that only millennials have command of technology from a general perspective.

“Believe it or not, I get a lot of basic questions from millennials about their smartphones, website marketing, computer usage, etc.,” Sogueco said in the release. “What I do know is where they have an advantage is the usage of specific apps on mobile devices and social media. Snapchat is definitely a millennial domain and even to an extent Instagram. But when you talk about Twitter, Facebook other well-known apps — all demographics have a firm command.”

Lacey and Sogueco’s presentation is among the 51 educations sessions and events at SAF Palm Springs 2018.

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