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Get ready ­— the ‘mother’ of all floral holidays is right around the corner

The “mother“ of all floral holidays is May 13 — is your department fully capitalizing on the potential that Mother’s Day presents?

In this edition, we share some Prince & Prince research findings that indicate there are a lot more big spenders out there than you may realize. This information might prompt you to make some last-minute adjustments to your Mother’s Day marketing plan.

In addition, Bill Prescott writes about the kickoff of the sunflower season; J Shwanke from and Claudia Saenz from Magic Flowers in Ecuador discuss tropical flowers; we introduce the new AFIF: America’s Flower Connection “Miami Flower Experience” event; we provide on-the-scene photos from the 2018 World Floral Expo in Chicago; we report on a unique “Spring is in the Air” flower show held in snowy Minneapolis; Lisa McVey describes the PMA Fresh Connections: Floral events in Anaheim and Miami; and Lora Burns previews the upcoming International Floriculture Expo in June. Remember to take some time to appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day because you are blessed to have (or had) her in your life. She’s not only the source of your very existence but she is also the reason behind the biggest floral holiday of the year. See you next month.

Richard Lutes is the floral editor and floral sales manager of The Produce News. He can be contacted at 763/595-9559 or