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Tropical flowers can create a ‘mini-vacation experience’

According to flower expert J Schwanke, chief executive officer at, “Tropical flowers provide a first-class ticket to your own private tropical paradise — just chop, drop and unwind! They can create a mini-vacation experience — conjuring up images or memories of a tropical getaway or adventure.”

MONSTERA-LEAVES‘Add a Monstera leaf for even more excitement,’ suggests J Schwanke. ‘These large leaves with defined shape and texture are co-stars with tropical flowers.’With their eye-catching, vibrant colors, interesting shapes and textures, tropicals offer endless possibilities for design inspiration.

“They provide a ‘pop of color’ as well as a jolt of excitement,” Schwanke told The Produce News.

“Tropical flowers get noticed and can become a conversation starter in your display because customers naturally gravitate toward them. Add a Monstera leaf (the 2018 Foliage of the Year according to the uBloom Trend Synthesis) for even more excitement. These large leaves with defined shape and texture are co-stars with tropical flowers. Others include Robellini, bamboo, coontie or even Victoria leatherleaf.”

Schwanke also pointed out that tropical flowers are much easier to work with than most people realize.

“I think their rainforest appearance can make people think ‘challenging’ but in reality the opposite is true,” Schwanke said. “Heliconia, anthurium, or ginger can be arranged easily and many stand alone to make a statement. Plus, they require nothing more than adding water.”

Another bonus with tropicals is their longevity.

“Tropical flowers last a long time and that means increased enjoyment and more health benefits,” said Schwanke. “Flowers make us happy and homes that include flowers have less disagreements. So having long-lasting tropical flowers around just increases said benefits.”

Additionally, the tropical theme seems to be trending and popping up everywhere.

“Notice the rainforest or tropical imagery appearing in fabrics, packaging, window displays and signage,” Schwanke said. “That’s a sure sign that tropical flowers are the way to go when it comes to celebrating a life in bloom.”