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AFIF: America’s Flower Connection presenting ‘Miami Flower Experience’ event

The Association of Floral Importers of Florida is presenting the Miami Flower Experience to bring together floral buyers, importers and breeders at an exclusive event in the heart of Miami, according to a press release. Hosted by AFIF members, the Miami Flower Experience will be held May 31-June 1 at the Sonesta Coconut Grove Hotel.

AFIF-SHOW Included in the two-day event will be guest speakers, educational sessions, an interactive Flower Wall exhibit and the Miami Flower Experience Yacht and Dinner party.

“This is exciting; it’s not a trade show, it’s an event,” Christine Boldt, AFIF’s executive vice president, told The Produce News. “The [AFIF] members are the ones who came up with the concept and they want to host the flower buyers in Miami in an experiential way to promote the value of buying from Miami importers. We want to educate them about the importing process and we need them to understand that we are their partners.”

The event will start with a lunch and speaker, and then the Flower Wall exhibition will open. Each host company will have a section of the Flower Wall and attendees will be able to see the flowers that companies have to offer in a unique way.

“This is not going to be just tables with vases of flowers; it’s going to be an exhibit and it’s going to be very different,” said Boldt.

That evening, everyone will be treated to a reception with the sights, sounds and tastes of Miami. The second day will include breakfast and a speaker; several important informational sessions; lunch; the Flower Wall exhibition; and then dinner, drinks, entertainment, and a breathtaking evening view of the Miami skyline while sailing around Bayside on a four-story, 128-foot yacht exclusively for Miami Flower Experience participants.

“There are many topics that we feel need to be discussed,” Boldt said. “For years, one of the things I felt was very relevant was making sure wholesalers understood the coming changes with the truck lines. Now the changes are right on top of us and most people need more information to make good business decisions. We are also going to talk about whether buying direct is better. This event is going to be about communication and relationships and we feel this will draw us closer to the people we serve. We look forward to hosting flower buyers at the Miami Flower Experience!”

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