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Costa Farms acquires Green Leaf Nursery

Costa Farms in Miami announced the acquisition of Green Leaf Nursery in Homestead, FL, in a news release. Green Leaf Nursery has a long history of producing indoor foliage and tropical plants. It covers 50 acres, employs about 80 people and is co-owned by brothers Gus and Tom Pena.

“This is the first acquisition since joining forces with Markel Corporation,” Costa Farms’ chief executive officer Jose Smith said in a press release. “We’re excited to partner with Green Leaf and continue to expand our operations to better serve our customers.”

Green Leaf will operate under its own brand for spring of 2018. The investment by Costa Farms means a greater infrastructure and a wider variety of products will be available to the Green Leaf team.

“We’re excited to join the Costa Farms family and become part of a more robust organization,” Gus Pena said in the release. “We look forward to serving our customers in a bigger, better way.”

“This gives Green Leaf access to a more expansive offering — including Costa’s Exotic Angel, WaterWick, and Desert Gems brands,” Tom Pena added.

As consumers become more invested in connecting with nature and adding potted plants and green walls to homes, the houseplant industry continues to grow. By acquiring Green Leaf, Costa Farms is expanding its share in the houseplant category.

“Consumers, especially millennials, are engaging more with houseplants. They love how plants improve their health and give them a natural way to decorate their spaces,” Smith said.

“We’re always looking to bring new solutions to our customers. But we also have a laser-sharp focus on the end consumer. Working with another quality grower like Green Leaf allows us to expand our footprint while maintaining our standards to benefit our customers —and ultimately deliver a great plant experience for the end consumer.”