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Certified American Grown Flowers selects Where Food Comes From as its official third-party certifier

Certified American Grown Flowers has selected Where Food Comes From, Inc. as its official exclusive third-party certifier, according to a news release. The new partnership was launched via videoconference on Sept. 14, introducing the WFCF team and highlighting program improvements, as well as the new benefits of the certified program going forward.

WFCF is an agriculture-focused certification company that specializes in origin claims for food and products. Based in Castle Rock, CO, WFCF has over 20 years of experience with source verification programs and is recognized as the No. 1 provider of certification and verification services to the food industry.

“WFCF’s depth of experience, paired with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the great potential they see in further developing Certified American Grown, will really help take our program to another level,” said Kasey Cronquist, administrator for Certified American Grown, in the release.

With WFCF in place, Certified American Grown has created a new online audit processing system that streamlines the procedure for farms seeking to earn this certification for marketing and increasing their sales.

The American Grown Flowers brand symbolizes a unified and diverse coalition of U.S. flower growers representing small and large farms across the country. Millions of stems of flowers are now Certified American Grown every year to help consumers quickly identify homegrown blooms at point of purchase.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be selected as the exclusive certification company for Certified American Grown,” said Leann Saunders, co-founder and chief operating officer at Where Food Comes From, in the release.

“We see great potential for this program,” she added. “Combined with our certification experience within the agricultural industry, we’re excited to see this program grow for America’s flower farmers.”