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Costa Farms launches new lookbook with plant ideas for home and office

In order to help its customers make decisions about caring for and decorating with plants, Miami-based Costa Farms launched its new lookbook, “Bring Your Home to Life,” according to a news release. Containing more than 300 unique plant varieties, and featuring the company’s Exotic Angel Plants collection, the free e-book suggests the ideal plants to grow and display in homes and workspaces.

COSTA-LOOKBOOK “Our free ‘Bring Your Home to Life’ lookbook is an easy read that will leave gardeners feeling inspired to decorate their homes and offices with cheerful plants and variegated foliage,” said Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms, in the release. “With five million of those new gardeners being between the ages of 18 and 34, you can bet they’ll enjoy browsing these pages and finding the keys to success.”

The lookbook provides inspiration, advice and ideas for millennials — and plant lovers of all ages — along with covering all the basics of plant care. It lists plants that do best in low, medium and high light situations and offers room-by-room decorating suggestions. For example, the top four plants recommended for use in bedrooms are philodendron, rex begonia, Janet Craig dracaena and golden pothos.

Since consumers are becoming more and more environmentally and health conscious, they’ll appreciate the fact that houseplants not only add warmth and personality to any indoor space, but they have also been proven to purify the air and improve mental health. In addition, this e-book describes numerous plant varieties that will work with every possible style of home décor.

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