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Floralife reminds us that ‘Flowers Love Food Too!’

Floralife, a leader in postharvest flower care and handling, announced in a news release a global promotion for its newly expanded Express product line. The “Flowers Love Food Too!” campaign stresses the importance of proper hydration and nutrition for cut flowers, as well as promotes the efficacy of Floralife’s Express product line.

Express Technology from Floralife is a revolutionary postharvest product platform that allows fresh cut flowers to be fed and fully hydrated, without ever having to recut the stems before placing in the solution.

Appropriate for use with all flower types, Floralife Express Technology is available in a range of sizes and applications for the entire flower chain. This product is formulated with ingredients to keep flower bouquets and arrangements looking fresh, increasing longevity while reducing costs, and saving money without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.

Jim Daly, vice president at Floralife/grower global operations and corporate research, explains the idea for the new promotion.

“We introduced Express Technology back in 2015, specifically for roses and specifically for commercial shipping and handling. Since that time, we have conducted continual research and have had customers use Floralife Express to process billions of stems. This has shown the efficacy of Express technology on practically every variety of commercially sold flowers. And we have worked to make Express feasible at every stop along the flower chain, from the grower to the home.”

The goal of reaching users across the entire flower chain has been realized with the introduction of the Express 100 line.

Previously, Express 200 and 300 “No Cut” products served the transport, wholesale, retail and consumer aspects of the cut flower industry. With Express 100 products, growers can now ship flowers at the original cut length at harvest, saving labor and time and reducing flower waste.

The cornerstone of this new marketing effort is a dedicated Floralife Express website, Here, visitors will learn about the entire Express product line, including Express Clear 100 & Clear 100 Pure for the grower; Express Clear 200 & Clear Ultra 200 for shipping, wholesale and retail; and Express Universal 300, which keeps stems clear and free flowing after the final sale.

Also at the Express website, visitors can request a free sample of the product; a blog will update visitors on Express related news and research; and the Floralife eShop offers customers a convenient online retail experience.

Elsewhere online, several informative Express product videos will be available for viewing on YouTube and daily social media updates will keep industry and consumer followers informed of the latest Express news.

Finally, Floralife will host a live, industry-wide webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m. EST.

“Express Technology helps reduce labor and shipping costs, helps improve nutrition and helps cut flower waste, and these things benefit our entire industry,” said Daly in the release. “Today, Express is more universally available and effective than it has ever been, and we’re excited to spread the word with the Flowers Love Food Too campaign.”