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Evan Kerkhoven joins PMA Floral Council

Evan Kerkhoven, sales manager at Bloomia USA in Fredericksburg, VA, has been selected by the chairs of the Produce Marketing Association Floral Council to join them as a volunteer leader, according to a news release. As a Floral Council member, Kerkhoven will provide input and guidance to help deliver year-round floral member value and will work to retain existing members and recruit new members.

EVAN-KERKHOVEN-Evan Kerkhoven“It’s pretty exciting and really an honor to be selected by PMA for this position,” Kerkhoven told The Produce News. “I will be one of many voices committed to sharing our professional skills and provide feedback that increases value to the global floral industry, directly supported by the PMA.”

PMA is a trade organization representing companies from every segment of the global fresh floral and produce supply chain. PMA helps members grow by providing connections that expand business opportunities and increase sales.

“The floral industry is transforming before our eyes. Historically, florists and wholesalers represented the majority of cut flower sales; now we see a huge shift with the rise of supermarkets making up the bulk of cut flower sales,” said Kerkhoven. “Improved efficiencies and consolidation within the supply chain has played a significant role in this. This has helped growers — especially domestic — increase growth and drive down costs, essentially passing those savings on to your local supermarket to the end consumer. In the past, I believe that a consumer’s view on supermarket flowers was ‘cheap’ or ‘lackluster’ flowers. Today, some of the highest quality flowers on the market are just a few blocks away at your local supermarket, sourced directly from the grower for a sensational value. For example, paying $50-plus for flowers online, you’re paying for flowers that arrive out of the cold chain. Supermarkets ensure flowers that are shipped in a 100-percent cold chain. That begins with the grower, delivering the highest quality flowers to the store at half the price. This is just one example of getting the word out by educating, etc. PMA is a huge catalyst for this, with its commitment and passion on the development of the industry. I’m looking forward to collaborating with members within all spectrums of the supply chain on the continuous development of this ever-evolving industry that we love so much.”