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FernTrust foliage garlands offer customization, versatility and beauty

With the hot trends in foliage, everyone seems to be looking for greenery to adorn their special event settings and foliage garlands may be the perfect solution. Foliage garlands are some of the earliest forms of adornment for special occasions, dating back to ancient Greece when garlands were used to decorate columns, arches, tables and even honored guests’ heads with laurel wreaths. And foliage garlands were also part of the original Olympics — they are both historical as well as beautiful.

FernTrust — a cooperative of 11 Florida foliage farms — can create a foliage garland with just about any type of foliage and customize it to your specifications.

“Every wedding is unique and different, and we customize our Florida foliage garlands for each event,” Jana Register, director of sales and marketing at FernTrust Inc. in Seville, FL, told The Produce News.

GARLAND-amp-FLOWERS-‘Adding flowers or ribbon accents is a breeze,’ said J Schwanke. ‘The garlands are gorgeous when they come out of the box, and then you can glue in hydrangea and roses and attach ribbon in minutes.’ FernTrust can vary the content of any garland, using its American-grown Florida foliage — they distribute over 126 varieties — and they also import popular foliage like silver dollar or seeded eucalyptus from California or salal from the Pacific Northwest.

“No request is too difficult or challenging,” said Register. “We create garlands at any specified length, content, or width. We recently created an oversized garland that was over 12 inches across and we made 3,000 feet of plumosa/sprengeri and variegated pittosporum garland for a Midwest wedding in 100-foot sections. Custom doesn’t scare us at FernTrust.”

The foliage and greenery trend has increased the popularity of all-foliage events, thus increasing the foliage garland business dramatically. FernTrust noted a 55 percent increase in garland production this year over 2016, and over 120 percent compared to 2015.

Register states that garland content has changed over the years. “Originally we saw mostly plumosa and sprengeri, but today’s garland can include nagi, aspidistra, leatherleaf or just about any content you can think of, and all combinations are gorgeous,” Register said.

J Schwanke, creative consultant for FernTrust and host of Fun with Flowers and J on uBloom, has seen the popularity of foliage garlands explode for weddings and special events.

“We featured FernTrust garlands on and the response was overwhelming,” Schwanke told The Produce News. “When you realize all you need to do is determine the content and length of your garland and then turn it over to FernTrust, it’s a no-brainer. Creating a foliage garland can be pretty challenging, but FernTrust has perfected the process and has an expert team that creates custom-made garlands for their customers and delivers them through the cold chain.”

“It really is that simple,” said Register. “All we need is the content and measurements and we can roll out the garland to their specifications.”

Wedding and event designers appreciate the service and it helps makes their job easier.

“Adding flowers or ribbon accents is a breeze,” said Schwanke. “The garlands are gorgeous when they come out of the box, and then you can glue in hydrangea and roses and attach ribbon in minutes.”

Whether you want an opulent American-grown all-foliage garland or a simple Florida fresh-foliage garland base to accessorize with ribbon and flowers, FernTrust has all the options.

FernTrust will also be hosting an American Grown Field to Vase Dinner on Nov. 18 on its foliage farm in Seville. Foliage garlands will be part of the all American-grown, all-foliage décor and Schwanke will serve as the event designer.

“This will be a first for Field to Vase -— an all-foliage event — and I’m excited to use FernTrust fabulous foliage garlands to decorate the tables, as well as other parts of the event venue,” said Schwanke. “I’ve used the FernTrust garlands at many venues all across the U.S. and while the process is simple and easy, the results are breathtaking.”

Field to Vase Dinner tickets are available at For more information about FernTrust, visit