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Plants of Steel collection features low-maintenance houseplants

“I don’t think that green plants are ever going to go out of style,” Bradley Gaines, director of floral at United Supermarkets/Market Square in Lubbock, TX, told The Produce News. “Everyone’s talking about fresh air and trying to come up with different ways to sell more green plants.”

Costa Farms in Miami has created one way with its collection of ultra-tough houseplants that will appeal to consumers who feel they are lacking a green thumb. The Plants of Steel collection from Costa Farms offers homeowners, apartment dwellers and office workers a selection of low-maintenance plants ideal for practically any indoor condition, according to a news release. The collection includes five plants that thrive in low-light and dry-air conditions.

PLANTS-OF-STEELThe hardy Plants of Steel collection from Costa Farms includes the Ponytail palm, Chinese evergreen, ZZ plant, Sago palm and snake plant.“Here at Costa Farms we know that not everyone has the time to care for houseplants,” said Justin Hancock, Costa Farms’ garden expert, in the release. “There’s a perfect plant out there for everyone. We made the Plants of Steel collection to include houseplants perfect for first-time plant owners or folks who are away frequently.”

The five houseplants in the Plants of Steel collection include:

Ponytail palm, which can suffer through occasional dryness. “This plant needs minimum attention and can basically be forgotten about,” Hancock said. “It’s an extremely slow-growing plant and a memorable one.”

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), which features striking striped leaves. “Chinese evergreen can be left alone for long periods and will be just fine,” said Hancock. “I like to grow them into groups of three to give a room a tropical rainforest feel.”

ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamifolia) excels in low-light conditions, such as malls and dark corners of offices and homes. “This is such a workhorse of a houseplant,” said Hancock. “It can deal with whatever we throw at it, plus it has lovely shiny leaves.”

Sago palm is the desktop version of the beachside palm tree. “It’s a good plant to have fun with,” Hancock said. “Give it to a colleague as a ‘welcome back from vacation’ gift or dress it with ornaments and such for the holidays.”

Snake plant (Sansevieria or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) is incredibly low-maintenance. This is the go-to plant for frequent travelers and inattentive plant owners.

“American consumers are craving a connection to nature to help balance complicated tech-driven lives,” said Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt, creative directors at Schaffer Designs in Philadelphia, in a news release. “Greenery in our indoor spaces not only enhances beauty but also introduces oxygen, moisture, natural purification and many more health benefits to our domestic habitats. Studies show that plants make us feel great, both mentally and physically.”

And it shouldn’t require extraordinary effort to keep indoor plants alive. Caring for houseplants can be simple and easy, especially when they are Plants of Steel.

“Any variety of plants that are easy to care for is what people are always going to go back to,” said Gaines. “People love green in their living spaces.”