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AIFD’s national symposium offering hands-on design classes

The American Institute of Floral Designers’ National Symposium July 1-5 in Seattle will offer four hands-on learning experiences, according to a news release. The interactive sessions are designed for everyone and are especially great for those seeking to gain more experience or looking to become certified.

The 90-minute classes are a combination of lecture/demonstration and hands-on application and are taught by leading floral artists. Pre-registration is encouraged and participants will receive a certificate upon completion of each course.

AIFD hands-on class 100’s title is “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Flowers,” instructed by Ron Mulray, and it will cover rhythm, repetition and pattern. Participants will learn how to construct a complex paper honeycomb structure that will conclude in the creation of a unique table arrangement. Mulray will teach you how to think outside the box, using paper to showcase several trending styles of arrangement.

AIFD hands-on class 200’s title is “Botanical Jewelry with Fresh Flowers and Textures,” taught by Francoise Weeks. Learn how to innovate jewelry design using wire as a base for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings and piece together tiny bits of texture occurring in seedpods, tendrils and succulents with small blossoms or deconstructed flowers.

AIFD hands-on class 300’s title is “Xceptional Social Media Management for Florists,” led by Cathy Hillen-Rulloda. You will learn how to prioritize your time and resources to create an effective online presence and how to take advantage of free and low-cost opportunities to communicate your unique messages to the flower-buying public.

AIFD hands-on class 400’s title is “Xciting in Detail — Floral Jewelry from Decorative Wire,” presented by Doug Bates. Bates will share tips and techniques to create the foundations for unique floral jewelry in order to expand your sales and increase your profits.

Each of the four design subjects will be repeated three times and scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis. Flowers and materials are included in the cost of the class but you need to bring your own tools.

The cost to attend one class is $69 for symposium registrants and $129 for those not registered. Class sizes are limited to 30 people.

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