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Fitz Design 2017 Selection Guide available and ‘bigger than ever’

Fitz Design, a leading supplier of prom and wedding accessories in Port Charlotte, FL, has released its Fitz Design 2017 Selection Guide and it features over 140 pages of Fitz Design and Fitz Plus products.

“This selection guide is bigger than ever,” said Suzie Kostick, director of marketing at Fitz Design, in a news release. “It’s packed full of all our great products, including a lot of really new, fun items that you have got to see.”

The guide contains Fitz Design’s current and most popular products such as corsage bracelets, boutonniere items, brooches, rhinestone accessories, wraps and foliages.

“We’ve added quite a few new items to our sympathy line, so you’ll want to be sure to check that out,” Kostick said. “And one of my favorite parts is the addition of the Fitz Plus line. This line, including all of our special event items, is really, really exciting. A lot of our new event containers are just absolutely stunning.”

You can email and ask for a print copy of the guide, or you can access a digital copy at

“Look through it and see all of the wonderful, great, inspiring products that will help you grow your business,” said Kostick.