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Fresh Connections: Floral Anaheim June 8

The Produce Marketing Association will host the Fresh Connections: Floral Anaheim event June 8 at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort in Anaheim, CA, according to a news release. Attendees will include floral buyers from major grocery chains and retail, floral growers, importers, exporters and wholesalers, along with potted plant growers, importers and exporters, and industry association representatives.

“Our 2016 events were incredibly popular, well attended from both sides of the supply chain,” said Kathy Means, PMA spokeswoman, in the release. “That told us the industry is hungry for this type of programming, so we’re bringing them back this year by popular demand.”

The PMA Floral Council has identified three key business priorities for the mass-market floral industry: research on consumer and industry trends;professional and leadership development; and networking.

not-great-pic-ANAHEIMThomas Prince was the featured speaker on The Floral Landscape: Deep-Dive Research at the 2016 Fresh Connections: Floral Anaheim event.“Fresh Connection: Floral events allow us to deliver value to our industry on all three priorities at the same time, same place,” Means said.

Education sessions will offer insight into the effects that the economic outlook and the new Trump administration’s plans on trade, immigration and other areas will have on the mass-market floral industry; and will explore tactics for increasing sales through new and different retail channels.

“Community is very important to this industry, they appreciate having a forum to come together and grow,” said Means.

New this year is optional Floral Buyer Roundtables, which will offer the opportunity for floral suppliers to connect face-to-face with buyers from major retail chains. Similar to speed dating, suppliers will meet for 10 minutes with five different buyer companies that have been carefully matched according to criteria provided in pre-meeting applications. The supplier application deadline for these roundtables is April 11.

“These roundtables help bring buyers and sellers together, to help sellers find new markets for their offerings and retailers to find new products to help them connect with consumers,“ Means said. “That’s a win-win for everyone.”

Fresh Connections: Floral Anaheim early bird registration deadline is May 5.

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