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Dreisbach Wholesale Florists celebrates grand opening

Dreisbach Wholesale Florists Inc. hosted a grand opening celebration March 25 at its newest branch location in Nashville, TN, according to a news release. The Nashville distribution center features one-stop shopping, with the company offering fresh-cut products from around the world, various hard goods, greens, plants, and unique items for any occasion.

“We’ve got a 17,000-square-foot facility here,” Chuck Baer, manager at Dreisbach Nashville, told The Produce News. “It was a blank slate and we redid everything. We’ve got brand new coolers and brand new vehicles; everything is new. It’s a great location — right south of downtown — so the location couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Founded in 1911, Dreisbach is a fourth-generation family business with six branch locations and a commitment to customer service. Supplying florists, event professionals and mass marketers in the areas of Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia, the company focuses on quality product and the cold chain.

DREISBACH-NASHVILLEChuck Baer, general manager, with Crystal Whitehouse and Melanie Smith, members of the sales staff at Dreisbach Wholesale Florists.“Customer service is huge for us,” Brantley Dreisbach, company co-owner located in Cincinnati, told The Produce News. “We try to do things that make everyone comfortable coming here. We really focus on training and education so we are a better crew. We have people who have been with us for 30 years and there’s not much turnover within our group. We feel that if we take care of ourselves, it will rub off on our customer service.”

Dreisbach stated in a news release that each member of the company is considered a key contributor to the success of the overall operation. He defined the company’s vision of “A Commitment to Excellence” as “providing every customer with quality service and superior products, as well as supplying them with tools to help market and grow their business.”

Dreisbach’s great-grandfather started the company by growing Bibb lettuce, then hothouse tomatoes, and finally chrysanthemums and other greenhouse flowers. Fifteen years ago, they halted the growing operation, shut the greenhouses down and began importing flowers from around the world.

“We feel we have a niche in the different markets with our distribution,” Dreisbach told The Produce News. “We have strong relationships with some of the major players in the industry. We source from around the world — from Japan and Italy and all the new places that are growing flowers year-round — and in all of our locations we have all of that product. Every one of our branches has its own buyer, or multiple buyers, and we do some group purchasing through International Floral Distributors, some from China to keep up on the boxes and baskets and supplies.”

When comparing Dreisbach Wholesale Florists to the mega wholesale houses, Dreisbach said the company’s success is based upon being more personal, along with conscientiousness, and caring for its employees in addition to its customers.

“One of the things we said as we took over for the fourth generation was we didn’t want to be too corporate. We wanted to keep it family and we wanted to keep each location so that they would meet the needs of their customers,” said Dreisbach. “We believe in doing the right things and the good things will come to us. We also believe in taking care of our employees. Our employees are No. 1 and our customers are next; our customers are 1B but our employees are 1A. You could title our success, ‘Fourth Generation Wholesale Florist Has a Commitment to Its Employees and Customer Service.’ That’s how we succeed — we’ve got great people.”