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When your team is winning, it can also be super for business

Having the good fortune to live in a region with a competitive sports team can add several extra “holidays” per year for retailers. Supermarkets and other businesses benefit from what amounts to be significant shopping events prior to each playoff game, as many people host viewing parties.

Although these get-togethers are not considered major floral holidays, creative florists are able to capitalize on the games by putting together floral pieces combining flowers and containers in team colors, accented with licensed balloons. Standalone bouquets of team balloons are also extremely popular.

PATS-BALLOONSBouquets of team-licensed balloons are extremely popular with consumers, especially as decorations when hosting playoff game viewing parties. There will be many televised playoff series in both professional and college sports during March and April. Creating secondary displays in the bakery department alongside team-sponsored cakes is very effective, as are displays in your store’s deli, beer and wine sections. Cross-merchandise anywhere that people will be shopping for their party supplies.

Since I live in Boston and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl this year, I’ve noticed that the entire city has been giddy with excitement and everyone seems more than willing to continue spending money on celebrating. So even after the game is over, there are still profits to be made from sporting events.

There will be many televised playoff series matches in both professional hockey and pro basketball during the month of April. The Stanley Cup playoffs begin on April 12 and the NBA playoffs start April 15. In addition, Major League Baseball’s opening day is April 2, so there will be numerous opportunities to capitalize on these sporting events.

Plus, viewing parties and celebrations aren’t strictly limited to only professional sports — college competitions are also popular reasons to gather with friends around the television. This month is college hoops and March Madness, so pay extra attention to the teams that make it to the NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen and Final Four and plan your promotions accordingly.

And let’s not forget about Draft Day parties. The 2017 NFL Draft is scheduled for April 27-29 and the 2017 NBA Draft will be held on June 22.

There are so many sports fans in the U.S. who love to cheer on their favorite teams and players in the company of friends and family. Why not help them decorate and celebrate with flowers and containers and balloons?

Nick Fronduto is chief operating officer at Jacobson Floral Supply in Boston. Richard Lutes contributed to this column.