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NFF announces 2017 meeting, AFE partnership

The National Floriculture Forum announced in a news release that its 2017 annual meeting would be held March 17-19 in Philadelphia during the Philadelphia International Flower Show. Participants will attend the show, tour Longwood Gardens and gather to discuss increasing the younger generation’s involvement in production and academic floriculture and horticulture. Members of the Young Professionals Council will also attend and discuss their work on this topic.

“I am very excited to be planning the 2017 event in Philadelphia,” said Krystal Snyder, 2017 NFF event coordinator and YPC member, in the release. “This is so important for the floriculture community, as it is one of the few events where academia and industry come together to discuss the pressing issues of floriculture. ”

The NFF is an annual educational meeting for greenhouse growers, industry leaders, university faculty, graduate students and government scientists from academic institutions, governmental agencies and the greenhouse industry. The event gives participants an opportunity to debate the future of floriculture against the dramatic changes in the global business environment and discuss strategies to improve the image of floriculture. Its objectives are to address industry issues, form relationships, and improve communication within the industry to share information.

The 2016 meeting was held in Holland and Germany and the theme was “International Horticulture and IPM.” Participants visited greenhouse operations, the flower action and other horticultural sites, and met growers in the Netherlands.

The NFF has also recently partnered with the American Floral Endowment to permanently host all NFF information about the group and its annual meetings on the Endowment’s website. Links to current and past events, registration information, schedules, photos and a detailed history of the NFF are all featured on AFE’s website,