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Women’s Day merchandising ideas for supermarket floral departments

Although International Women’s Day has been around since 1908, it’s only recently generated mass-market traction within floral. To really capitalize on the holiday, supermarket floral departments need to go the extra mile to promote the holiday and generate awareness.

Timing is incredibly important, so two weeks leading up to March 8 and throughout the week of, make sure to have an advertising strategy that utilizes in-store point-of-purchase, social media and public relations. The supplier of your International Women’s Day items should be able to coordinate and assist you with implementing your plan.

Laura-HoyLaura Hoy
Point-of-purchase ideas

Ask your floral supplier to print and send counter-cards with the date of International Women’s Day on them to remind customers about the holiday.

When the product is put
out on the floor, make sure it is complemented by signage to pick up impulse purchases and immediately attract consumer attention.


Create a commercial to broadcast over in-store sound systems that will alert your customers to the holiday and direct them to the floral section. Something as simple as, “Don’t forget to honor the special women in your life that make a difference on March 8 for International Women’s Day. Visit the floral section to pick up a bouquet that celebrates her and all of her achievements.”

Send a press release to your local media and news stations with a floral arrangement. Women’s issues are still at the forefront of media, and reporters will be inclined to visit your store and report on the holiday.

Send a floral arrangement to popular lifestyle, mom or craft bloggers in your area. Some will write a blog for free, others may require a small fee to promote or plug your stores on their blog.
Social media

Encourage consumers to support and thank the inspirational women in their lives by posting inspirational messages on your social media channels. Make sure the posts have pictures of the gorgeous flowers you are promoting to go with it. Many suppliers, like Sunshine Bouquet Co., will provide you with content and professional pictures to support your chain’s social media team. Using the official #beboldforchange hashtag campaign will generate even more interest.

Several weeks in advance, work with your director of social media to develop Facebook posts and blog posts that your company can host. A fun way to attract media attention is honoring floral managers leading up to the holiday and introducing them to the community. Forging local connections between communities and their supermarket florist is priceless.

In addition to these tips, the Society of American Florists has a plethora of promotional ideas, graphics, and posts available to you if you are a member. So start planning now and watch your Women’s Day supermarket floral sales grow.

Laura Hoy is marketing manager at Sunshine Bouquet Co. in Miami. She can be contacted at