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The 57 rules of success boil down to one

A small business owner posted this sign in his store: “The 57 Rules of Success: Rule One: Deliver the goods. Rule Two: The other 56 don’t matter.” With all your last-minute preparations being made for Valentine’s Day, this is a great reminder that success ultimately depends on delivering what your customers want. And that is true not just on holidays but every day of the year — customer satisfaction needs to be the top priority in supermarket floral day in and day out.

To help you focus on that goal, in this edition we have some helpful information including on-the-scene coverage of the 2017 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition; we report on the success one grower had in trusting its crop to bugs; we update you on the changes happening in the Boston flower market; Kasey Cronquist announces the 2017 Field to Vase Dinner Tour and also apprises us on the recent California rain and its effect on the state’s five-year drought; and since now is the planning time for Women’s Day, we have a story about the holiday, along with merchandising ideas to help make it more profitable. So until we meet again, I hope you succeed in delivering the goods this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Richard Lutes is the floral editor and floral sales manager of The Produce News. He can be contacted at 763/595-9559 or