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Every year there are distinct and subtle changes in what the consumer will gravitate toward when decorating their homes for the holidays. This year, the change is less subtle and, in fact, it is more pronounced. As we have seen throughout 2014, natural and organic looks continue to dominate demand in the decorative hard goods sector. Christmas will be no different. Not only will this be evident in the types of product sold this season, but in the colors as well.... Read more
The food industry calls it “pedestrian” when popular dishes become commonplace. Talented chefs then deconstruct, reinvent and re-name them, and suddenly the dish is popular again. They create a new trend, and sales increase. The floral industry is much like the food industry; trends come and go, but the classics remain, even if they must be reinvented every few years. The floral industry, particularly mass-market, has reached a point with poinsettias where it is... Read more
The Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo at California’s Anaheim Convention Center Oct. 17-19 has doubled the size of its floral pavilion this year, the organization announced on its website. About 78 flower growers, importers-exporters, bouquet makers, suppliers and shippers had reserved booth spaces as of late August. Floral education sessions slated for Oct. 17 were identified by PMA in a news release as “Floral Trends: Color is... Read more
The Fresh Produce & Floral Council’s Southern California Expo July 15 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim drew 1,500 participants and over 200 exhibitors in 200 booths, about 40 percent representing the floral industry. “Navigating the Future,” the show’s slogan, opened with its Keynote Awards Breakfast where Capt. Richard Phillips delivered the keynote address about his ordeal at sea after Somali pirates hijacked his ship and held him hostage for five days... Read more
Specialty cut flower growers from across the country will head to the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States Oct. 19-22 for the 2014 national conference and tradeshow of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers in Newark, DE. The theme of the show is Growing Growers, according to a news release. “When you go to a conference, everyone is so excited and willing to share - it’s a really fun group to be with,” said Frank Arnosky, president of ASCFG. “Everybody... Read more
The 2014 Floral Distribution Conference Oct. 22-24 at the Trump National Doral Resort in Miami will focus on networking, business opportunities and education. Under the banner “Connect, Learn, and Grow,” the two-and-a-half day event is designed to provide high-impact value, according to an association news release. The annual conference of the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association will offer two new showcases this year — the New Products Showcase... Read more
Miami International Airport is the No. 1 United States airport for imported perishables with 91.4 percent of all imported cut flowers arriving at MIA and 70 percent of all perishables. These volumes have increased over the years and allowed the various businesses at MIA to grow and to offer quick service. In the past 40 years, the importing industry has come a long way. We have gone from using telex machines to communicate with farms and wondering what we were... Read more
The future of transporting fresh-cut flowers worldwide could quite literally undergo a sea change. Maersk Container Industry of Denmark is partnering with Boston-based technology company Primaira LLC to develop an air cleaning system in Star Cool Integrated refrigerated shipping containers, according to a company news release. The Bluezone patented technology uses an ozone concentration 300 times higher than anything else on the market to eliminate molds, fungi,... Read more
There aren’t many products that awaken the senses and evoke feelings as much as a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. However, what many consumers don’t realize is how extremely complicated and complex the process of successfully bringing flowers from field to retail shelves is. Some of the most challenging parts of implementing a seamless floral supply chain are proper maintenance of the cold chain, increased speed to market, and controlling cost. One of the main... Read more
Reliable transportation, whether by land, air, or sea, is important to any industry. In the floral industry, reliability rises to a entirely new level because of the need for speedy, on-time, temperature-controlled service. Palm City, Florida-based Armellini Express Lines, Inc. is one of the few carriers dedicated specifically to the floral industry. Established in 1945, Armellini strives to provide the premium service demanded by our customers, while mindful of... Read more
As we’re already seeing in many parts of the United States, the limitless availability of water we’ve become accustomed to can no longer be guaranteed, due to sustained and expanding extreme drought and depletion of both surface and aquifer sources. Further, the cost of water has been greatly subsidized and growers and consumers have never paid the real costs of water (i.e. storage, sourcing, distribution, etc.). As water becomes scarcer, it can no longer be viewed... Read more
Today’s consumers are reading more than instructions — they are looking at the benefits of the product beyond its single use, and are fast becoming interested in what happens after they are done with it. This long-term thinking is what many U.S. companies are incorporating into their product design and corporate culture, and it’s defined as sustainability.    In June, the Environmental Protection Agency further reinforced its position with the new Design... Read more
MINNEAPOLIS — Although June is National Rose Month, July is always Rose Month for Kids at Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist, here, and the company is committed to donating to charity one rose sale at a time. In 2007, several people at Koehler & Dramm began thinking about ways the company could give back to the community. At the same time, a rose grower in Ecuador became aware of the severe lack of medical supplies at a local children’s hospital, and that... Read more
“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” — Sir Isaac Newton. It’s fascinating to me that this manifesto was proclaimed in the 1600s by one of the world’s greatest scientific minds, Sir Isaac Newton, the master of astronomy, chemistry, physics, mathematical science and theology. Quite simply, Sir Isaac Newton discovered how the universe stays together. Fast-forward 350 years, and we have the 2014 Society of American... Read more
In a world where instant gratification is not fast enough, we still find large groups of people who understand that the journey is a very important part of the destination. This was certainly the case at the recently held American Institute of Floral Designers Symposium, Transition Transformation, in Chicago. The richly varied programs were exciting, emotional and certainly educational in nature, as just about every type of flower in the universe was displayed... Read more
A 20 percent increase in pre-registrations for Agriflor, the international flower exhibition in Quito, Ecuador, Oct. 1-4, has organizers very excited. The 135,000-square-foot CEMEXPO Exhibition Center will be filled with flowers, international visitors and over 200 exhibitors, according to a news release from organizer HPP Exhibitions in Amsterdam. Frank Biddle, owner and managing partner at Tradewinds International in Boulder, CO, told The Produce News that he’s... Read more
The hunt for trends is a roller coaster ride for our design team. Deciphering and categorizing the plethora of available information can be quite a challenge. As we work through it all, we begin to see certain trends emerge and grow and take on a life of their own; the following four stand out, and apply to broad applications, including floral sleeves and packaging. • Romantic Chic. An extraordinary meeting of elements that injects newness into the revival of strong... Read more
Some feel the poinsettia is turning into a common plant with nowhere to go but down in sales and popularity, but is that really where it is heading? With more than 100 varieties of this incredible plant, along with a clean bill of health on the toxicity claims that once haunted it (although we do not suggest you toss a salad with your holiday poinsettia — it is no longer considered toxic or deadly); the USDA estimates there will be $250 million dollars worth of... Read more
Transportation continues to be an ever-increasing expense across all segments of the floral industry. Prime Inc., headquartered in Springfield, MO, and one of North America’s busier trucking companies for over 40 years, services the floral supply chain by transporting fresh cut flowers and plants nationwide in temperature-controlled vehicles and considers productivity to be a key issue. There are currently two huge challenges facing trucking, both of which are... Read more
As kids head back to school this month, many will be singing “The wheels on the bus go round and round,” but for most of the floral industry the song is really “The wheels on the truck go round and round.” With transportation comprising a major component of cost of goods across all sectors of the industry, this month’s Floral Marketing section examines transportation from several different perspectives. Experts from three major trucking companies share insights... Read more