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EagleXport expanding markets and embracing customers

Eagle Export Inc. is a small company located in the heart of the agricultural belt south of Montreal and because it has access to both suppliers and major highways, it can deliver produce to customers which may be harvested that same morning.

“EagleXport has grown to become a one-stop shop for all things produce,” said Alex Zenebisis, president of the Saint-Rémi, Quebec-based company. “We literally have everything that can be grown in Quebec and Ontario: Fiddleheads and asparagus, wild blueberries and gooseberries. We have field grown and hothouse produce; conventional, or organic.”

The company’s proximity and relationships with growers means it can inspect product in the field and often have first choice at harvest.

growers “We have close relationships with over 200 growers across Quebec and Ontario. Our mission is to find our customers everything on our price list no matter the time of year or the weather,” Zenebisis said. “Because we are not limited by the manpower of even the biggest farms, we are never victims to local weather phenomena, or poor harvests.”

The company stays current with any changes or innovations in the produce export industry, which helps it to continue to expand its markets, including transport, growers and customers.

“We specialize in knowing the local markets, like the microclimate just north of Montreal where we source late season romaine and other great produce,” Zenebisis said. “We know our customers and understand their markets so that we have the best choices available for them.”

The company prides itself on supporting its growers as they market new and interesting products. For example, it helped introduce “Mashed Potato” squash to its customers and the market. 

“We are open to sampling and promoting new products as they become available,” Zenebisis said. “If it’s available, we will promote and sell it to our customers.” 

Success, he noted, comes from hard work and dedication to the industry and the success of having its growers and customers happy with the company’s service.

“We have seen continued growth and success from our beginning,” Zenebisis said. “So far, it seems the sky’s the limit. Our model is working. We have repeat business and continue to grow our market.”

Of late, EagleXport has seen a rising interest in organic produce, and more new and exotic varieties.

“One of our greatest advantages is our location in the heart of the agricultural belt just south of Montreal,” Zenebisis said. “We are located on a farm, and we are minutes away from many of our main suppliers. We can visit and inspect the produce in the field. We know the effects of local weather first hand. We visit our growers regularly, both those in Quebec and Ontario. It’s the personal touch that matters.”

As EagleXport moves into 2020, it is expanding markets, streamlining processes and embracing new ways to interact with its customers. 

“We stay current on and promote new as well as old standbys products,” Zenebisis said. “We are a very close knit organization. Our employees have worked together and in this industry for years and are like family. Further plans are in the works for 2020 to expand our office and our work family once again.”