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Greenhouse goodness on display at DelFrescoPure

A berry good time is in store for attendees of the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit Covention & Expo visiting DelFrescoPure in Booth No. 2259 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. That is because among the products the Kingsville, ON-based company will be showcasing is its YES! Berries Pesticide Free Strawberries, which are being sampled with ice cream.

“We are the first certified pesticide-free strawberry in North America,” Fiona McLean, marketing manager for the company, told The Produce News. “We have new packaging options for consideration for all retailers.” That includes earth-friendly biodegradable cartons.

750 8515 Attendees can meet McLean in person at the booth along with a host of other DelFrescoPure officials, including president and CEO Carl Mastronardi; vice president of sales Ray Mastronardi; senior account manager Chris Badaoa; and U.S. account manager Tom Ryan. They will all be happy to discuss the advantages of greenhouse growing and what sets DelFrescoPure’s products apart from the competition.

“We are an innovator in the greenhouse sector, and we offer unique premium greenhouse produce all year long,” McLean said.

“Located in the heart of the greenhouse industry, we continue to excel at growing and shipping all staple, experimental and niche gourmet greenhouse items. Couple with our expert growers and R&D team, we pride ourselves in bringing our superior quality from the greenhouse to the retail shelf through one seamless company. One of our many strengths is our ability to adapt to our customers’ requests and consumer trends,” McLean noted.

“The growing techniques that we use today have been passed down the family tree for over 50 years,” McLean said, noting that CEO Mastronardi has been growing hydroponically for more than 35 years.

“Carl is a true believer that you must truly love what you do to succeed in any environment,” McLean said. “For Carl, growing has always been his passion. Being pioneers of the greenhouse industry, Carl and his family’s commitment to freshness, taste and quality keep DelFrescoPure invested in the latest and most innovative technology in the industry. Come try the taste of summer with our team!”

The cornucopia of greenhouse produce raised by DelFrescoPure includes cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, microgreens, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and eggplant.

“DelFrescoPure greenhouse grown Gourmet Baby Eggplant is sure to amaze!” McLean exclaimed. “This smooth, lightweight, versatile vegetable allows your imagination to run free with endless possibilities. Used in many of our favorite cuisines, such as eggplant parmesan, eggplant lasagna, stuffed eggplant and baba ghanoush, it is also perfect for summertime grilling,” she said, noting that the egg-shaped, glossy, purple vegetable has a white flesh with a meaty texture, and makes a perfect vegetarian option.

In addition to the strawberries, in its PMA booth DelFrescoPure will also have a demo farm featuring its Living Cube vertical farm growing system that will feature living lettuce and microgreens. There will also be examples of staple commodities showcasing the company’s new biodegradable packaging as well as latest offering — the Euro Bean The Gourmet Slicing Bean.

“There’s a many names for this commodity — flat bean, broad bean, Runner bean or Italian bean,” McLean said. “Our Euro Bean offers a soft, subtle taste that is sure to enhance any dining experience. Add lemon and salt after boiling for a scrumptious appetizer. DelFrescoPure greenhouse grown Euro Bean The Gourmet Slicing Bean is also ideal in your soups, stir-fry, dips and much more.”

Available from February to December, DelFrescoPure started growing them on one acre, but due to their popularity, production has been tripled. They are available in a 12-ounce poly bar with easy access zip lock, as well as a 10-pound bulk box. “Both packaging options are eye catching with bright and colorful branding,” McLean said.

“In retail stores we offer in-store merchandising displays with infographic cards on how we grow and recipe ideas. In-store demos with educational components and how to use the Euro Bean The Gourmet Slicing Bean are available,” McLean said. “They are also great for foodservice menu ideations and menu offerings. Picture these long beans in place of other staples on the menu.”

Recipes can be found at

Other brands in the DelFrescoPure stable include LivingCube; YES! Berries Your Everyday Snack; Delights Blushing with Flavor; Mini Mixers; G.R.EAT! Grab, Rinse, EAT Mini Crunchers Cucumbers; Sweetreats; Romatalia; Dragon’s Fire and Fiesta Mix.

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