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Boskovich Farms showcasing fresh-cut processed portfolio

When Boskovich Farms Inc. gets to this year’s PMA Foodservice Conference, team members from the Oxnard, CA-based company will be highlighting its fresh cut processed group of products.

“Our fresh cut business continues to focus on our core competency food service items that line up with our growing operation,” said Mike O’Leary, vice president sales and marketing in the company’s fresh cut division. “They include fresh cut spinach, green cabbage, romaine, green onion, cilantro and Italian parsley.”

Operating at booth No. 106, attendees will have the opportunity to not only sample some of these fresh cut items, but also learn about what’s happening at Boskovich Farms.

Img1323 “The PMA Foodservice show offers us a unique opportunity to interact with our customers as well as our supply chain partners,” O’Leary said. “Strengthening existing relationships and building new ones are all part of the PMA Foodservice experience and what we look forward to every year.”

It’s an important show for the company, as its foodservice sector continues to be the anchor of its fresh cut operation. 

“We have a valued customer base that still depends on us to deliver year-round value, quality products and ensured supply,” O’Leary said. “Our business is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. We are experiencing simultaneous excitement and challenge. We recognize that our growth has to be managed in a way that is consistent with the service levels our customers expect.”

As Boskovich Farms add additional staff, O’Leary noted it is imperative that they are taught more about the industry and how the organization has earned its positive reputation over four generations.

“This year’s message is managing rapid growth,” he said. “We had added several new members to our staff as we build infrastructure for the future. We will not sacrifice quality, supply or service.”

The company recently expanded its local growing operations to include iceberg lettuce, kale, and Brussels sprouts, allowing it to increase it vertically integrated year-round supply of chopped salad, shredded lettuce, fresh cut kale and fresh cut Brussels sprouts. 

“In addition, we are excited to advance our celery stick program,” O’Leary said. “Boskovich has a long history of being one of the leaders in celery production. Our ability to grow year-round should complement our fresh cut celery stick program to provide our customers with ensured supply.”

Consistent Supply continues to be the goal of Boskovich Farms so having multiple growing regions to guarantee supply is a critical piece of success in order to deliver on its year-round supply commitments.  

So far in 2019, business has been good for Boskovich Farms, though O’Leary admitted Mother Nature has provided some unexpected hurdles this winter and spring that have continued into the summer months. 

“As we continue to invest in advanced software, our staff is gaining the confidence to help manage through quality and supply events by providing better communication to our customers,” he said. “That will help us as we go along.”