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Busy times for Kurt Zuhlke & Associates

Summer is a busy time for Kurt Zuhlke & Associates Inc., aka, and that’s just how those running the Bangor, PA-based company like it.

The company provides the produce industry with clamshells, bubble packs, herb packs, berry pads and a wide variety of produce packaging solutions — all with a sustainable mindset. The company distances itself from foam and polystyrene, and relies mostly on Polyethylene Terephthalate packaging solutions, which is commonly recycled from soft drink bottles and injection molded consumer product containers.

53577968 2334388473508688 8591963994112131072 o Earlier this year, the company renovated its offices, added some warehouse space and brought in some new employees as it looks to keep up with this increased demand in its products.

“We try to keep up with the flow, but the more we keep up, the more people want,” Zuhlke said. “The last couple of years there’s been more of a demand for packaging and things that are better for the environment.”

Another challenge is having enough time to get everything done for people, but these “problems” only mean good things for the company.

A change in the industry that has led to more of a demand concerns retailers and their customers, who are dissatisfied with paper packaging and want to be able to see product and inspect it.

“The inspectors want to look at it, instead of having to open them up and looking into the bottom and that can be a nightmare,” Zuhlke said.

Last month, the company finished its corporate year and business was way above where it was the previous year.

The company’s growth strategy has been buoyed by word of mouth, with many customers coming to them.

“Our customers know our work detail and if we need to stay extra to get the work done, we will do it,” he said. “Service to us is No. 1.”